Jewelry Findings

Jewelry findings, sometimes misspelled as jewellry findings, are all the element parts or objects that are used in constructing a piece of jewelry.

These can range from jewelry bails, crimp beads, earring findings, headpins, jump rings, bead caps, and pin backs.

Most of these materials are purchased and added to your fused glass artwork to turn it into a piece of jewelry.

They are also referred to as jewelry making supplies.

There are functional jewelry findings that serve a mechanical function such as attaching joining or linking.

For example, a pin back added to your fused glass will enable it to be worn as a decorative brooch, while a bail will allow the piece to be worn as a necklace.

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In handmade jewelry these extra parts are usually purchased from an online distributor, or local craft store.

Determine the size of the finding needed before purchasing. Research different distributors for the best deals on these items.

Decorative findings can also be made out of fused glass.

These would be limited to bails, since most of these objects would be next to impossible to form inside a kiln.

For example, pin backs need to be sharp and pointed something that can’t be accomplished in the heat of a kiln.

But, there are many different bails that can be made out of fused glass.

Check out the page on bails for more information and directions.

Most bails or other findings are added by using glue that will attach to glass and the metal to form a bond that is almost failure proof.

It helps to etch or scratch up the attaching part of the glass before placing on the glue.

This etching gives a rough texture that helps the bonding process.

Some bails are attached by drilling a hole in the glass before placing the bail into the piece.

For more information on boring a hole in your fused glass piece, check out the page on drilling a hole.

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