Selling Jewelry Crafts

There are many ways of selling jewelry crafts, be it glass fusing or other crafts you are inspired to create. From this page we will look at a few of these methods and how they can assist you in your endeavors of making money from your fusing habit.

Well, now that you have learned how to make fused glass art, what can you do with all of these fabulous pieces? Once you stop drooling over how gorgeous they are, and you already have a ton of items for yourself, friends and family, you might consider selling your items.

Larger pieces, such as plates, drapes, etc can be sold as finished products. But, you can make money on your smaller pieces of this glass art. Smaller pieces can be turned into stunning jewelry , by attaching a purchased or handmade bail, gluing it into a stunning jewelry blank , or even wire wrapping your fused glass.

There are a few sites on the web where you could sell your fused pieces. Besides, there is or If you do a search there are other sites, but I don’t know how much traffic is driven to these sites. You might even want to have a jewelry party or attend a local craft fair to sell some of your items.>/p>

You want your pieces to get exposure, but you don’t want to sell them for next to nothing either. Make sure you are getting your time, knowledge, and materials covered in your cost.

Before you decide to put your jewelry crafts on the web to sell, you will need to take some photographs of these pieces. Check out the photographing site for some suggestions on how to photograph your pieces.

You will want to set up a photo studio that is right for you and your situation.

jewelry crafts, fused glass art, craft fair display, photographing

Some of the photo studios suggested:

  • Jug Light Tent
  • Light Tents
  • Card Board Box Photo Studio
  • Microwave Photo Studio
  • Photographing Outdoors
  • Under Water Photographing

  • If the internet is not your cup of tea, try selling the pieces locally. Here are a few common ways to sell your work with more interaction with your buyers:

  • Craft Fair Booth

  • Fused Glass Art Party

  • Glass fusing can be an expensive craft. You can turn it around and make it a profitable investment by selling your items. Of course the income will enable you to purchase and play with more glass.


    Here is a list of some e-books that are for sale about jewelry crafts. These are not my books, but are written by individuals who have experience in the field of selling and marketing their products. They might assist you on your jewelry selling venture:

    Beading and Jewelry Making Home Based Business Secrets - to making money from jewelry crafts and beading. Resource package contains e-book, audio products and bonus material for starting your own home based business.

    Start A Home Craft Business - Sell Your Crafts Using The Techniques In This E-Book.

    Start Your Own Jewelry Party Business - Start Your Own Home Based Jewelry Business With This Easy Step-by-step Guide!

    Jewelry Selling Secrets - Start a Jewelry & Craft Business from home. Kameron Kay shows you the insider secrets to making jewelry & crafts and selling them to boutiques, shops, artist fairs, bead shops, and more. Perfect part time job and income for stay at home moms, college students, or anyone wanting to make extra money.

    Craft Show Success Secrets - Learn To Make Money At Craft Shows.

    Kiln-fired Stained Glass Painting Techniques - Stained glass tracing and shading, back and front, with water and with oil - all in a single firing

    Craft Fair Goldmine - Craft Fair Goldmine is aimed at Home Crafters who design and make their own work to sell at craft fairs or even online. Ideal for Beaders, Jewelery Designers, Quilters, Scrapbookers, Card Makers And Many More Popular Hobby Crafts

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