Charm Jewelry Bails

Charm jewelry bails can be added to a piece of fused glass as an accent piece or as the actual bail.

Charms jewelry can really personalize and change the appearance and design of a pendant.

There is such an array of charms from simple to elegant.

Design them for upcoming holidays or events.

The shapes, sizes and figures are limitless to choose from.

Charms can be purchased in gold, silver, gold plated or silver plated.

A charm can really add some design and pizazz to an otherwise unexciting cabochon, turning them into something distinctive and unique.

They can be securely wire wrapped to the pendant, attached with a jump ring, or glued onto the back and used as the actual bail.

If wire wrapped or attached with a bail, they will dangle and shift liberally on the surface of the glass.

This slight movement will definitely draw attention to the fused piece.

Wire Wrapped to the Pendant

There are lots of lessons on wire wrapping on the internet.

You will need to purchase some wire wrapping tools to accomplish these techniques.

Incorporate a charm into the design to really add some spice and turn the piece into a unique piece of art.

Attached with a Jump Ring

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1. Drill a hole in the glass and attach a jump ring with a charm attached.

2. Make sure that the jump ring is large enough to hold the fused piece, the charm and still have room to attach it to a necklace. Jump rings are very simple to make if you don’t find the size you are looking for. Use a large tubular object to wrap wire around in a spiral and they just cut down the middle and you will have a bunch of jump rings. You can also use these larger jump rings as a bails for pendants.

3. After drilling a hole in the glass, insert the ring and attach a charm. It can be soldered for security. This works also with sterling rings.

Glued on Bail

jewelry bails, charms jewelry, charms, charm

Some individuals use engraved jewelry tag charms as jewelry bails.

These are flat rectangular or rounded charms that have a loop opening at one end.

They can be attached on the back of a flat piece, and the opening only needs a jump ring to attach it to a necklace.

Jewelry tags can be engraved with your information, eliminating the need to sign a finished fused project.

Do a search on the internet for the best pricing on these jewelry tags.

They can also be used as an attachment to your fused piece.

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