Pinch Jewelry Bail

There are is a variety of fusing jewelry bails available on the market today.

Gone are the days when there was no selection to be found and glass fusing bails where no where to be found.

These days you can purchase gold plated bails, silver plated bails, sterling silver bails and now pinch bails.

Pinch jewelry bails do not require any gluing.

This is fantastic for those who are afraid that glued bails will eventually come off and ruin a wonderful fused glass pendant.

Jewelry is a vigorous object that does not remain stationary when worn.

This movement is what makes gluing such a chancy solution to attaching finding to glass.

Not only the constant movement, but other circumstances can also weaken glued on bails.

Glued on findings are failing, and it is bad for those who make glass jewelry.

Some perceive that glued on bails tend to cheapen the fused piece.

Besides not needing glue these bails when attached properly allow the piece to drape and swing naturally.

Pinch bails come in an array of unique and stunning designs and shapes.

So, it is all about design and detail, these are the bails for your projects.

There are so many styles options that are just not available with glue on bails.

These bails can be very expensive, but if you search around you can find some deals and save some money.

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  • Fused glass piece
  • Safety glasses
  • Electric drill, Dremel, or glass drill
  • Diamond core drill bit
  • Water
  • Shallow pan/tray or clay/wax
  • Block of wood or piece of styrofoam

  • Directions:

    Place small block of wood or Styrofoam piece in a shallow pan or tray to help cushion the drill as it exits the glass and to prevent drilling a hole in the container.

    Lay fused glass piece on top of Styrofoam piece.

    Fill tray with a little water. Water should just cover the piece of glass.

    Using the Dremel with a diamond core drill bit, drill hole in glass.

    Make the hole about 3 mm. from the edge of the glass.

    If you get too close to the edge, the glass will break. See Drilling a Hole for more information.

    Remove fused piece and dry with a lint free towel.

    Open pinch bail slightly and place the pins of the bail into the hole from both sides of the glass.

    Squeeze the ends of the bail until the front and back of the bail almost but not quite touch the glass.

    If the pins can’t be pushed deep enough with your fingers, use a pair of smooth jaw flat nose pliers with coated tips to finish fitting the bail to the glass.

    Using these pliers will help avoid scratching the metal.

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