Irish Harp

Did you know that the Irish harp is placed on the left shoulder to have it over the heart? The harp with its bonnie and soft sound is fiddled today in spite of being snubbed and forbidden for hundreds of years. Harpists were hung for this art in ancient days. But like the Irish themselves, they now thrive all over the world.

Use some black Glassline paints and/or some dots to add details to your piece. Be certain to overlap the two harp pieces to assure that they are fused together.

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  • Pattern
  • Brown glass
  • Black Stringers
  • Black Glassline paint and/or dots
  • Glass cleaner of choice
  • Chap Stick or Beeswax
  • Glass saw
  • Fiber Paper
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Protective glasses
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin Back

  • Directions:

    1. Sketch and cut out the design.

    2. Rest the paper pattern on the fitting shade glass and trace around the model with a permanent marker. Liberally cover the drawing with beeswax or Chap Stick.

    3. A glass saw is required to cut out the outline. Make a point of cutting near the outline to maintain the form and all the minute details.

    4. Sponge down with soap and bathe in clean water or employ glass cleaner to delete all design and residue. Air dry the objects.

    5. Arrange the sections on a ready kiln ledge and arrange the shelf within the kiln. Be sure to hold the glass by the side to avert fingerprints and assure the pieces overlap.

    6. Shut the lid or door. Activate the unit.

    7. View the job at roughly 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. While gazing at your projects put on glasses with IR and UV protection.

    8. When the piece has your desired appearance, turn off and unplug the kiln. If the kiln is built with dense fire bricks, you can permit it to cool off on its own. On the other hand if it is created with ceramic fiber, the kiln must remain on and supervised so that it doesn’t cool down more than roughly 300 degrees Fahrenheit an hour.

    9. When the pyrometer goes down beneath 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit may be opened.

    10. As soon as the project has cooled down to room temperature, you can add a brooch back. Adhere the brooch back with a two part epoxy.

    Irish Harp Pattern

    irish harp, harp, harpists, irish

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