Iridescent glass is a type of art glass. This coated glass has a subtle soft elegance all on its own. The surface has a sheen effect and is very different to the glossy surface of fused glass.

Just after the glass has been sheet-formed, a layer of metallic oxide is adhered to the hot glass surface. This bonding results in a vibrant, glistening effect on the glass. The coating adds stunning rainbow sheen to the glass.

This is a shimmering glass that can be used for glass fusing, glass casting and flame work. There is a rainbow of colors that can be purchased either in large sheets, or smaller pieces. You can purchase it in a variety of COEs. It comes in a flat or textured surface.

Fire this glass by its self, or add details and accents to your projects using this glistening glass. You can't fuse iridized glass iridized to iridized. These metalic surfaces won't fuse together. You can however fuse the iridize side to the uncoated side of another piece of iridized glass.

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