How To Make Clay

Do you want to learn how to make clay in your own home without having to purchase a ready-made product?

There are several methods used to make glass clay.

It can be made in any COE desired, based on the COE of glass powder you use in your projects.

Basically glass clay is a mixture of glass powder and a binder.

Generally this binder is based on CMC and other various modifiers, or liquid stringer .

You need to make a medium that will not only hold the glass together, but will burn off during the firing process.

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You can find numerous directions and instructions for the magical recipe for this medium.

Some are very complex and complicated to achieve.

You might even feel that the price of the pre-mixed GlasClay is quite a deal when you consider all the material you would need to purchase and mix up to accomplish some of these recipes.

Even using liquid stringer as a medium can be quite expensive.

Whichever method you decide to use, remember to wear a protective respirator when working with powder glass.

You do not want to breathe fine particles of glass into your lungs while creating your project.

Once the clay has been made it is fine to work without a respirator.

Impurities and trapped air can cause the clay to turn gray or dull during firing.

CMC Method

CMC, also known as Carboxymethyl cellulose or cellulose gum is used in the food industry as a thickener.

It can be purchased from any pottery store and is fairly inexpensive to purchase.

One pound of this material runs about ten dollars and will last a long time.

For a clean burn out, use Pharmaceutical or food grade.

It is mixed with hot water and stirred occasionally until thickened.

This is then added to powder glass that has been mixed with some Ferro Flux 3269.

The recipes for this method vary a lot.

Vent the kiln up to 1000 degree Fahrenheit and hold for about ten minutes.

The ventilation will allow any organics to leave the kiln and glass.

CMC consumes oxygen as it is being heated and this cause problems with some colors, especially metallic colors.

Liquid Stringer Method

Liquid stringer can also be used as the binder in making glass clay.

Instead of mixing up CMC, you can purchase liquid stringer to use as a binder for the glass.

It is still recommended that Ferro Flux 3269 is added to the powder glass before adding the liquid.

Aloe Vera Method

When learning how to make clay, I decided to try using Aloe Vera as my binder with powder glass.

I didn’t use any other products.

Simply place your powder glass into a bowl and squirt in a little Aloe Vera.

Mix the material until you achieve your desired texture.

Add more Aloe Vera to make the clay wetter or add more glass powder if the clay is too moist.

Once mixed shape and mold the clay as you would any other type of clay.

Watch the video below for even more information on how to make clay.

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