How to Clean Fused Glass

It is simple but important to learn how to clean fused glass.

You have spent a lot of time preparing and cutting your pieces for a particular project.

Don’t allow something as simple as cleaning your glass thoroughly to ruin that master piece.

Any impurities such as cutting oil, grit, and fingerprints can destroy an incredible project.

What do you use to clean your glass?

Reading some of the technical tips on the Bullseye site will worry and shock you about cleaning glass prior to firing.

According to this site, just about anything your might have thought would be good to clean glass can actually promote devitrification.

Detergents, dish soaps, multi-purpose cleaners, some window cleaners, ammonia and even denatured alcohol should not be used to clean glass.

The Bullseye site suggests that you purchase a cleaner called Spartan Window Cleaner.

If using other window cleaners, they suggest that the product be tested on transparent and opalescent glass to see if the cleaner will cause devitrification.

The Spartan window cleaner contains isopropanol, acetic acid, and water.

A quart bottle of Spartan makes 5 gallons of cleaner.

You can call Spartan to find out a distributor in your area.

Their phone number is 1-800-537-8990. For more information about this product, see Spartan.

How to clean fused glass, Spartan window cleaner, Zep

Home Depot sells a brand named Zep for tinted windows.

Be sure to purchase the one that is labeled for tinted windows.

According to the label Zep Commercial Glass is the type for tinted windows

It is said that this product is very similar to Spartan.

This product is greatly recommended by glass fusers.

So what do successful fusers use on a daily basis?

A lot of individuals use Glass Plus because it has no alcohol. They don’t suggest using Windex.

It has a tendency to leave streaks after firing.

Some fusers use Dawn detergent and spritz with some alcohol.

Others prefer diluted white vinegar, while some others use a mixture of even amounts of Mr. Clean and water.

When using tap water be careful.

Some tap water can contain minerals that might cause problems.

It is suggested that distilled water is used to rinse glass.

The most crucial period of the glass cleaning procedure is where your drying towel is just a little moist.

As you are drying during this phase is where you can remove the last tiny deposits.

Don’t stop drying until all the moisture has vanished.

Hopefully these suggestions on how to clean fused glass will help to make your projects victorious.

Check out the recommended products for successful glass cleaning.

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