Homemade Tools

Homemade tools can save you a lot of money and use items that would not be normally created for glass fusing.

These are tools and supplies that are normally used for other purposes, but if you look close enough you will see that they can also be used for glass fusing.

Look around your house and you will see that there are many objects that can be used to assist you in your fusing experiences.

You will soon find that there are a lot of things you use to throw in the trash, but now you are finding that they would be perfect in helping you in your glass fusing.

Check out your local hardware store and craft store for supplies and tools that can assist you in fusing.

Some normally purchased supplies can also be made at home.

Check out the Making Glass Fusing Supplies page to learn more about these objects.

These can save you a lot of money in not purchasing the store item.

Let’s take a look at objects that are used for other purposes, but can be used to assist you in glass fusing.

Homemade Tools

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  • Hair Dryer - Use for drying kiln wash on shelf
  • 7-Up - Use as a binder for mixing glass powder
  • Olive Oil - Makes great cutting oil for glass cutter
  • White Vinegar - Removes kiln wash from fired glass
  • Aluminum Foil - Can be used as an inclusion in glass
  • Mesh Screens - Use these to sort various sizes of frit
  • Spoon Straw - Great for pouring small amounts of frit
  • Tweezers - Used for grasping small items like stringers
  • Chop Stick - Cover with bead release and use as mandrel
  • Crystal Light Containers - Mixing glue, paint, etc. in these
  • Spray Bottle - Use one with a large opening to apply kiln wash
  • Carmex - Coat small cuts to seal out air and moisture on hands
  • Aloe Vera - Use in place of the expensive Liquid Stringer medium
  • Rubber Finger Tips - Place on fingers when pushing glass in grinder
  • Old Pantyhose - Smooth out dry kiln wash to give a more even texture
  • Needles - Stick one in a pencil eraser and use for drawing in frit or paint
  • Chap Stick - Use to cover pattern lines on glass when using a grinder or saw
  • Hairspray - Use non-aerosol and cheap brand for gluing pieces before firing
  • Wooden Skewers /Toothpicks - Cover with bead release and use to make channels in glass
  • Rubber Cement - Apply to paper patterns to secure them on glass before cutting with glass saw
  • Old Plastic Food Jars - After cleaning these small containers are fantastic for mixing kiln wash. Just shake the jar to stir the mix.
  • Stainless Steel Bar-b-que Fork – Makes a great raking tool for hot glass.
  • Low-fire bisque ware - Drill a couple of holes in the bottom and use it as a mold.
  • Stencils – Use them to add graphics and design to your fused glass art.
  • Stainless steel bowls or cocktail shakers – Kiln wash and slump glass over.
  • Old film canister – Great for holding cutting oil for dipping your cutter. Add a cotton ball to the container.
  • Stainless steel hose clamps - Found at Home Depot or Lowe's, use as a dam to contain and fuse glass into a circle.
  • Slice of bread – Clean up broken slivers of glass using a slice of bread. The tiny particles will stick to the bread.
  • Coke – Used to remove the scaling on copper wire after it has been fired. Soak piece in coke.

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