Homemade Kiln Wash

You can make homemade kiln wash, avoiding the cost of purchasing the product already mixed.

It generally contains two major ingredients: kaolin and alumina hydrate.

These two items can be purchased from a pottery supplier.

Make sure you buy them in a fine powder form.

Both of these powders can be hazardous to your health, therefore take the appropriate precautions and follow the suggested safety measures.

Always wear a respirator when mixing these powders.

What are these products?

  • Kaolin is one of several types of clay, and is commonly referred to as China Clay or Paper Clay. Kaolin is a native hydrated Aluminum Silicate, powdered and freed from gritty particles.
  • Hydrated alumina is a fine coarse white powder with good flow properties. This material has a very high melting temperature.

  • homemade kiln wash

    Kiln wash or shelf primer is used to prevent glass from sticking to the kiln, kiln shelf or a mold.

    It is applied using a haik brush and applied in different directions to achieve a smoother surface.

  • Use equal parts of kaolin and alumina.

  • Add four to six parts water until you reach the desired consistency.

  • Store this mixture in a tightly covered glass jar.

  • Be sure to label the jar and mix before using.

  • Always wash your hands after using or mixing the kiln wash.

    This powdered mixture of kaolin and alumina hydrate can be mixed and stored for later use.

    Then when you are ready to mix and use the kiln wash, just add your water.

    Making and mixing your own kiln wash will save you money.

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