High Temperature Wire

High temperature wire, also referred to as high temp wire, is metal that can be used inside the kiln. High temp wire can withstand the high temperatures within a kiln. Sometimes, like when using transparent glass, wire is not always an attractive design element. In those cases, drilling a hole to add an attachment would be a better alternative.

This wire can be held in place with a dab of hairspray or supported with fiber paper as it is placed between sections of glass. It can be bent in any desired shape before firing. Some prefer to bend it into a teardrop shape or an Omega shape before firing. After the fusing process, it can be straightened or curved as needed.

high temperature wire, high temp wire, fine silver

When desiring consistent shapes, some individuals wrap the wire several times around a metal rod, like making a tight spring and then cut. Since you will be making several loops in the same shape, cut the wire longer than needed. Wrap the wire around the rod, slip off the coils and then cut to receive several loops of the same size.

Although it can withstand the hot temperatures inside the kiln, it is difficult to get it back up to a good shine. There is no claim that this metal will stay silver after the fusing process. It has a tendency to fire scale a bit and turn dark, almost a gray in color. Some individuals prefer to use a fine silver wire, which also holds up great inside the kiln. If you want the metal to be silver, use a fine silver wire. It will shine up to bright silver after it has been fused.

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