High Temperature Gloves

High temperature gloves are used in glass fusing when there is a need to work inside the scorching kiln.

For most of the procedures relatively lightweight gloves can be worn.

Some of the high temperature gloves used in glass fusing include Zetex, welder's gloves, and Kevlar gloves.

In most cases of just opening the kiln lid at a normal operating temperature a pair of kiln gloves like welders gloves are sufficient for the brief temperature exposure.

If working inside the kiln doing procedures like making bracelets or combing glass, you will want to wear higher temperature gloves like Zetex or Kevlar gloves.

Remember to wear cotton or natural fiber clothing and eye protection when working inside the kiln.

The glasses should be IV/UV protective lenses.

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Welder's Gloves

Welding gloves cover your forearms and are great for keeping you safe during short exposure to kiln temperatures.

They are not recommended for any long term exposure or high temperature maneuvers.

Check with companies that supply welding materials or search for them on line.

Kevlar Gloves

These seem to be the most popular gloves of glass fusing enthusiasts.

These are wool-lined Kevlar gloves.

They are good for 800F/427C use, with temporary use up to 1000F/538C.

These come in light weight gloves and sleeves.

Kevlar sleeves are good for protecting arms from the heat when raking or moving glass with tongs.

Zetex Gloves

Zetex gloves are said to take the heat better than regular welding gloves.

Zetex is supposed to be a high temperature Kevlar.

Zetex and Zetex Plus are both made of textured fiberglass.

Zetex Plus High Heat Resistant Gloves allow you to handle hot items.

They are rated for 1500 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

These have been used to pick up fused glass to place it in a mold, and to bend glass.

So, although welder’s gloves are useful to a certain extent, they are not applicable for working inside a torrid kiln.

Kevlar gloves are a little better and will withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Zetex and Zetex Plus gloves are good up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Zetex withstands temperatures far in excess of what the welder’s gloves and Kevlar or PBI can withstand.

When searching for gloves that will fit your particular needs, check pricing, temperature rating, glove length and materials used.

If in doubt, ask questions.

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