Hardiebacker - Durock - Wonderboard

Cement Boards

Hardiebacker (sometimes spelled Hardibacker), Durock and Wonderboard are recommended safety items in your craft area.

If you are looking for an indestructible cement board to protect your work area, look no more.

When taking the latest Vitrigraph class, I was intrigued by the boards that they placed under the hanging kiln.

It was explained that this board was a cement board or backer board that is used to prevent fires.

According to the instructor, they used two types of boards; Hardibacker and Durock.

The instructor prefers the Durock because it is entirely concrete with a fiber mesh on the top and bottom that is embedded and does a fantastic job of insulating.

It also cuts easily with a utility knife and then can be snapped like a piece of glass.

This cutting and snapping makes it much easier to shape than the Hardibacker.

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Always looking for the best protection for my craft room, I decided to delve further into finding out more about these boards and purchasing some for my own glass workshop.

I had never even heard of backer board or that it could be used to prevent fire hazards.

This was especially important to me because my designated room is located inside my home and since I had a fire recently.

This product is actually used as a flat, durable base for finishes in walls, floors, ceilings, and even in heat areas like fireplace fronts.

It is a mold and moisture resistant board that does not deteriorate.

" In class we actually have used 2 kinds of boards; Hardibacker and Durock. I like the Durock because it is entirely concrete with a fiber mesh and does a great job insulating. The other reason I prefer Durock is it has a fiberglass mesh on the top and bottom (embedded of course) that is easily cut with a utility knife and then you snap it just like a piece of glass. This makes it much easier to shape than the Hardibacker. Both can be purchased at Home Depot. Thanks for asking. – Larry Cunningham"

As Always Safety First!

Follow all good safety and industrial hygiene practices during the handling and installation of any products and systems.

Take all necessary precautions and always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment as needed.

Read the material safety data sheets and related literature on the products before specification and/or installation.

Pros and Cons

  • Thickness - Both Hardiebacker and Durock are ½ inch thick, ¼ inch would be too thin.
  • Cutting - The Hardiebacker does a great job with the “Score and Snap” with a utility knife. Durock is a true cement/aggregate product so it doesn’t seem to snap as cleanly. Wonderboard is very difficult to cut and snap.
  • Non-combustible – The panels are fire safe and are used in fire resistant designs.
  • Surface texture – There is a smooth side and a rough side. The rough side is wonderful in resisting slippage on the floor or table top.
  • Water durable – They will not rot, warp, or disintegrate when exposed to water.

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