Hairspray is my preferred type of glue for fusing projects.

It is extremely inexpensive, readily available and burns off cleanly.

When selecting your brand, purchase the inexpensive unscented types.

A pump type is best for application purposes.

The aerosol type can blow small glass pieces around and destroy the proposed design or pattern.

Rave, Suave or White Rain seem to be the preferred brands.

I use the pink bottle of Suave on my projects.

I keep a bottle handily available in my craft room.

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Some people like to pour the liquid into a container and apply it with a toothpick.

Being thrifty and not wanting to waste a single drop, I prefer to unscrew the sprayer and use the long plastic tube to apply just a few drops to my projects.

It can also be used like many of the other fusing glues.

It will hold your pieces in place when you are trying to move the kiln shelf into place in the kiln, or to secure small embellishments that might move during assembly.

Use the material to keep a stencil in place for frit projects of acid etching.

Spray a light coat over a finished frit piece to assure that the tiny particles don’t move in transport to the kiln.

The aerosol type of adhesive can be used to make the dry kiln wash adhere to glossy porcelain and ceramic molds.

If using the aerosol spray adhesive use layers of newspaper under the project to catch any excessive spray.

The paper can be discarded after you are finished and keeps clean up simple.

When finished, turn the can upside down in a plastic bag or trash can and sprayed to clean out the nozzle.

This will help to avoid clogging the can for future usage.

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