Haik Brush

A haik brush is sometimes referred to as a kiln brush, probably because it is used for kiln work.

It is one of the important fusing supplies.

Made from round pieces of bamboo it has clusters of long fine soft hairs.

The hairs are made of natural fiber bristles.

It is used to apply kiln wash or shelf primer to shelves and molds.

The lengthy flimsy hairs leave a surface on the shelf or mold that is virtually free of any brush strokes.

Apply several layers of wash.

Each coat should be brushed on in a different direction.

It is more like floating on the liquid and not really like painting.

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Purchase a size that is needed for your project.

They come in a variety of sizes and prices.

You will find that some of the brushes are made in China, while others are made in Japan.

These brushes are known for losing hairs during the application process.

Don’t worry about this shedding.

The hairs can be brushed off once the wash is dry, or if applying several applications brush off the hairs between applications.

You are going to want to smooth out the wash after removing the hairs.

Some individuals use a mesh abrasive cloth or a pair of panty hose to level out the surface.

If there are any hairs left on the mold or shelf, they will burn off well before the glass can pick up any texture from them.

The brush can also be used to add some texture to your pieces.

Make wavy or swirling lines with the brush and when dried they will become a part of the surface design.

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