Gradient Backgrounds

Gradient backgrounds will add a subtle and appealing accent to your photographing. They can be accomplished by using any photo program on the computer.

There are various photo programs that can be used to design these types of backgrounds. Before purchasing a program look at the programs that are already on you computer to see if they have this option.

Select the colors you want and turn it into a gradient. Open a page this is the size of your selected page and fill it with the gradient. Try playing around with the program for other effects that can be accomplished.

Print them out on standard printing paper or on glossy photo paper if desired. Adjust the photo to fit the size paper and print on your lazer printer.

Once designed, just save and print on the highest printer setting. For the best results, use a matte or glossy photo paper in your printer.

Try turning the page in different directions and take your pictures. You might find that this will provide various views of the same object.

Want to add some pizzazz to your plain photo? It’s simple to display your photos on these simplistic backgrounds. Need to add some color to your photos? Then these will do the trick. Simply add a background to your piece and see what fabulous results you can achieve. Use these along with your photo studio setup.

Place your item on the background and take your picture. Take a look at the page on Photographing Fused Glass for some suggestions on taking and achieving the best photos for your fusing projects. Have fun and get creative!

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