Silver or Gold Plated Bails

Gold plated bails, silver plated bails and even sterling silver bails are all over the internet for sale.

A lot of artists choose to add these bails to their fused glass jewelry.

They are easy and fast to use.

The plating on these gold bails and silver bails is very durable and the most popular choice for these bails is the Aanraku findings.

Some have found that other plated bails tend to discolor over time but using these bails is done for economic reasons.

Aanraku adds an extra hard lacquer to the finish to assist in durability.

These come in large and small sizes.

There are times when the large is just too big and the small is to tiny for a piece, but there are no medium sized bails available.

Some individuals think that a glued on bail looks better than an embedded loop of high temp wire, or a channel bail.

While others think that these easy to use attachments make it easy for what they refer to as glob artists to create finished pieces.

Glass bails are a nice alternative to glued on bails, but it is still proven that these plated bails sell better.

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  • Use E6000 glue or a two part Epoxy to secure these bails.
  • Rough up the glass and the bail and clean with alcohol to remove any dust or scum.
  • Put the glue on the bail, allowing it to slightly ooze up a bit over the edges.
  • Clean up any excess with a toothpick.
  • If using E6000, place the piece in the oven at 200 degrees for about 2 hours.
  • Allow the piece to sit for at least 24 hours.
  • Clean up any remaining excess glue with an Exacto knife and tweezers.
  • Which bail you choose to put on your finished piece is a personal choice. Place these on the less expensive pieces to keep the cost or production down. Decide on whatever bail is best for your fused glass creation.

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