Goggles are sometimes referred to as safety glasses, dust eye protection or safety spectacles.

They are not to be confused with the tinted safety glasses that must be worn when viewing hot molten glass inside a kiln.

These do not have the UV/IR coating and will not protect your eyes from these rays.

They are the clear plastic protective eye wear that encloses the eyes to protect it from flying particles.

These are worn when cutting glass to prevent any large or small shreds of glass from flying into your eye.

goggles, safety glasses, dust goggles, safety spectacles

These are also worn when using power tools such as a glass saw.

If you have ever had tiny minute pieces of glass in your eye, then you will know how irritating and painful it can be.

To prevent this from happening and to protect your one pair of eyes, adorn these clean glasses.

To further protect yourself, while cutting glass with a saw be sure to wear a mask to prevent breathing in the spray that contains particles of glass.

Most of these spectacles are just clear glass, but they can be purchased as prescription eye wear for individuals with vision corrections.

Some brands are a solid plastic form with a groove cut in the front to allow for the nose.

These are attached to the head with an elastic band, while some appear to be regular corrective glasses with the stems that go over your ears.

Be sure that the ones you purchase have protection all around the eye area, even the sides of the face to prevent any spray or particles from entering the eye area.

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