Glastac is glue for glass fusing and is manufactured by Bullseye.

This fluid glue comes in small applicator bottles and is a light pink in coloring.

It burns off cleanly during the firing process, leaving no ash residue.

It only takes a little of this product to hold glass in place, so use it sparingly.

This particular glue is made to hold your glass piece in place before you actually fire the piece.

It is slow in drying time, which allows you the freedom of moving pieces if desired.

When working with lots of smaller pieces try using Glastac.

Even though it takes longer to dry and set up, you can us a lot without any problems.

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If you change your mind on where you want the glass placed this gives you the freedom of adjusting your work.

You need to allow the bond to set and dry before firing the piece inside the kiln.

Some individuals don’t like the long wait period and prefer to use products that dry quickly.

If you are wondering what composes this material check out the Alpine Glass material safety data sheet.

It lists the various ingredients and assures you that there are no hazardous materials.

Check out this material safety data sheet for further information.

Besides holding glass in place while moving your kiln shelf to the kiln, this material can be used for many other purposes.

Let’s take a look at some of the other uses for this product.

  • Mixing with glass powder – This glue can be used as a binder when mixed with glass powder. Once mixed the material can be applied to glass using a brush or squeeze tube.
  • Holding Embellishments in place – Use very little near the edges of your embellishments to secure them in place on your glass.
  • Pate de Verre castings – Mix with glass powder to a sandy consistency before placing into mold.

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