Glassline Paper

Glassline paper looks like an ordinary piece of paper, but this colored paper is intended to be fused between layers of glass.

Designing with this glass is simple to achieve.

Like regular paper, it can be cut with scissors, torn to expose ragged edges, or punched with a paper punch.

Since Glassline paints and shelf paper can be used with any COE of glass, this type of paper can also be used with any COE of glass.

When fired it has the appearance of colored paper under glass.

These purchased and pre-colored decorative papers cost about $3.33 per sheet, and can be purchased on line or at your local glass store.

What if you could create some of this paper for a lot less money?

Instructions for Making Fusible Paper

glassline paper, making fusible paper


  • 20 x 20 sheet of thin fire
  • Glassline paint (various colors)
  • Paint brush or air brush spray

  • 1. Cut paper into smaller easy to handle pieces.

    2. Pick out color of paint for each smaller sheet of paper.

    3. Using brush or spray, evenly paint the paper.

    4. Allow paper to dry completely.

    Try using different techniques for more dramatic affects.

    Wrinkle the paper to add darker and lighter spots.

    Apply dark layers on some pages and lighter layers on others.

    Mix paint colors for unique new shades.

    Firing Instructions

    There are many firing schedules posted for this paper.

    Fire the paper to a full fuse, if desired.

    This is the schedule for a small piece firing that comes with the purchased paper:

  • 1 rate 250 temp 1000 hold 4 hours
  • 2 rate 250 temp 1470 hold 15 minutes
  • 3 rate 9999 temp 960 hold 1 hour
  • 4 rate 250 temp 200 hold none
  • The hold time on the first and third step seems excessively long.

    Try adjusting the temperatures and rates in your individual kiln.

    Be sure to put stringers or some frit in the corners to allow the gas to escape, or there is a chance for bubbles to form.

    Sometimes there will appear a white edge around the paper after firing.

    This can be avoided by firing the paper on a white background.

    It has an enormous potential as an embellishment for your fused glass pieces.

    Punch out the initial of someone’s first name and personalize a pendant.

    Use it to make silhouettes or find some appealing die cut shapes or punches in the scrap booking isle.

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