Glass Weaving

There a few ways to accomplish glass weaving. The look and feel is different for each method. Try one or all of the techniques mentioned and determine which one works best for your projects.

Weaving with glass will enhance your fused glass pieces. Using any one of these methods will achieve the look of woven glass that will amaze your friends and family.

glass weaving

The four methods discussed here are:

  • Strips Weaving
  • Fiber Paper Strips
  • Stainless Steel Mold
  • Stringers

  • You can use any glass for this processes, even iridescent or dichroic. Check to be sure that the COE is the same for all your glass.

    You need knowledge of your kiln and firing schedule to achieve the desired final look. Keep an eye on your kiln and watch while the strips are slumping into or over a mold. Watch the processing temperature and hold times. These can make a difference in the outcome of your piece.

    Make notes on your firing schedule for future reference. This will enable you to know what went right or wrong. With this knowledge you will know what to do in future firings to improve or fix any errors.

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