Glass Tile Ornaments

Glass tile ornaments are simple to construct. On this page, I will be using some holly to make some Christmas fused glass tiles.

You can make your tiles square, round, large or small or any shape you desire. They can be used as coasters, or placed on a stand and turned into pieces of glass art. Make plenty of these for your acquaintances and turn the holiday into a glass tile Christmas.

Glass tile Christmas

Here is the material list for this particular project:

  • Holly
  • Clear Glass
  • Green glass stringers for stems
  • Glass saw or glass cutter with cutting oil
  • Glass cleaner
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Kiln
  • Glasses with IR and UV protection
  • 1. Use a glass saw or glass cutter to get your base. You can make your base two layers thick if you desire, or just one layer with the decorations on top.

    2. Clean the pieces of glass.

    3. Holding the pieces of glass by the edge of each piece, arrange the pieces on your prepared kiln shelf.

    4. Once the pieces are arranged, close the kiln lid. Plug in and turn on the kiln. .

    5. Start observing your pieces at about 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to wear some glasses with IR and UV protection.

    6. Once your preferred look is reached, turn off the kiln. Anneal these pieces.

    7. Once you have gone through the annealing process, don’t open the kiln door until the temperature reads below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    If you are making these glass tile ornaments and want to hang them on the tree or in a window, be sure to add some high temperature wire bent into a loop. This wire should be added before fusing your piece.

    If making coasters out of these pieces use a circle cut out of 4m fiber paper. Slump your piece over this paper to give you an indentation that will help hold any moisture from a glass. Also add some thin cork into this textured indentation to absorb more of the moisture. Add some think cork to the bottom of the coaster to keep it from scratching any wooden furniture.

    Your glass tile ornaments can be used as they are, or turn them into other fused glass Christmas decorations. These can be slumped into decorative molds and turned from a flat piece into any shape you wish.

    For even more fantastic Christmas projects, please visit the Fused Glass Christmas page. You will find links to more easy and fun projects for Christmas.

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