Glass Rods

Although glass rods were initially developed for use in flame working, they can now also be used inside the kiln. This opens some new technical and artistic inspirations for glass fusers. They can be used by themselves or with other fusing embellishments.

Stringers measure 1mm thick by 16" long while rods measure 4-6mm thick by 16"-18” long, therefore rods are much thicker. Rods now come in a sophisticated palette of colors and can be purchased from your local glass fusing supplier or on line.

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Either stringers or glass fusing rods can be used to enhance and/or embellish glass. Use them where you want a thicker line of glass than a stringer can provide. If you enjoy the craft of flame working, you can make your own colorful stringers from rods.

As with all glass when fused, it needs to overlap another piece of glass so that the two will fuse together, therefore if wanting to put rods together, they will need to be placed on a base piece of glass.

Rods can be used to make larger dots or use them to make lines or edges on a piece. Explore and get creative with these pieces.

If you think stringers move a lot during the fusing process, rods are larger and harder to hold in place. Try using a grinder to flatten one side of the rod. Once that has been done, place this side down on the glass and since it is now flat instead of curved it should stay where you have placed the piece.

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