Glass Ring Saw

Those impossible cuts are now possible with a glass ring saw.

I have the Taurus 3 model.

You can cut just about any shape you can imagine, even sharp curves.

Making your cuts the first try really saves you money and unnecessary frustration.

You can cut multiple layers at one time, making quick work of repeated patterns.

It gives you more control and stability when trying to cut thicker glass.

The saw even grinds as it cuts, so there is no need to grind your pieces.

You get nice smooth edges each time.

It has a patented diamond-coated blade.

This saw makes a great addition to any glass project.


  • Wear eye protection, ear plugs and a dust mask.

  • Gentle pressure is all that is needed. Let the blade do the work. Don’t put any added stress on the blade, just guide the glass.

  • Keep your saw clean. Rinse it after each use.

  • Fill your water reservoir to the fill line before cutting.

  • After using either a permanent marker or china pen to draw your design on the glass, try using chapstick, beeswax, or candle wax to keep your pattern line visible during the sawing process. Rubber cement is great for attaching and coating a paper pattern to your glass. Apply the cement to your glass, place your pattern down, and then apply a coat on the top side of your pattern. This will keep your pattern from falling apart during sawing.

  • Turn off saw between cuts and clean after use.

    glass ring saw You can easily and smoothly cut intricate designs and shapes in your glass with a glass ring saw.

    Once you try one, you will be amazed at how much you can save on glass, and all the details you can cut.

    It cuts in all directions, no need to just cut in a straight line, or slight curve.

    There are diamonds all around the blade, so you can move your glass in any direction and cut.

    The ability to cut in different directions actually prolongs the life of your saw blade.

    It grinds the glass as it cuts.

    Your edges aren’t sharp, but smooth and clean.

    Use this saw to achieve intricate details and cuts, and no need to use a grinder .

    There is no longer a need to cut out a larger piece and then grind it down to your final shape.

    Your work will look professional every time, and your friends will be amazed that you could cut a piece so even and precise.

    This will save you a lot of time and material.

    Watch this cute video on using the glass saw.

    When purchased a DVD with this video was included.

    The water reservoir keeps the blade constantly wet.

    Most of the stray tiny pieces of glass will go into the reservoir.

    Although you won’t stay completely dry, you won’t be drenched either.

    Wear either an apron or old clothing while working with this saw.

    It has a flip up face shield to protect you from most of the stray glass particles.

    Still always wear eye protection, ear plugs and a dust mask.

    If your blade should happen to break, you sure don’t want to put out an eye!

    For working on items that are too large for the work space on the blade, you can remove the entire working part of the saw.

    It just snaps out of the water bath.

    This working part of the saw has a sponge area that you can soak in water.

    Use the blade as a portable hand saw.

    Now you can work on large pieces.

    Because the working part of the saw comes off of the water reservoir, it also makes for easy cleaning.

    This glass ring saw is not too noisy, so wear ear plugs.

    There is a built-in light that lights up the glass surface as you cut, making it easy to follow detailed lines and patterns.

    This glass ring saw is definitely a must have in any dream glass studio.

    Below you will see how I set up my area before I start cutting my patterns.

    Hopefully this will assist you in your glass sawing adventure.

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