Glass Powder

Glass powder is finely ground glass. These fine glass particles remind you of talcum powder.

Use extreme care when handling this dry powder pigment to prevent breathing the dust particles. Make sure you wear a respiratory mask when working with this powder, preferably one that is NIOSH approved.

Remember, safety first! This will protect you from breathing in these fine particles, which can lead to silicosis.

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Check to see that the powder has the same COE as your other fusing glass. This will ensure that your projects will not have built up stress.

Powder glass is so versatile and useful. It can be purchased in every color of the rainbow.

This page will list a few powder technique suggestions. Fusing with powder glass opens an array of techniques and procedures. Take a look at each page to see how this fine powder can be used to enhance fused glass.

Powder Techniques

  • Glass Painting – mix powder glass with a medium and then use the mixture to paint on glass.

  • Crackle Glass – sift powder glass onto a piece of damp fiber board.

  • Sifted Dry – using a sifter or strainer dust powder onto glass.

  • Powder Wafer – pour powder into a pre-cut stencil.

  • Glass Lace – cut a round stencil and fill with powder glass.

  • Freeze and Fuse – add water to powder glass and press into molds.

  • Glass Clay – mix powder with medium to a clay consistency.

  • Pate de Verre – making a paste out of glass and a liquid binder.

  • Jewelry – use powder to enhance your design.

  • Embellishments – accents to your other fusing glass items.

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