Glass Pliers

There is a wide variety of glass pliers for your glasswork needs.

From running pliers, breaking pliers, grozing pliers, combination breaking and grozing pliers, they come in all sizes and shapes.

These are all used in the cutting stage of the glass fusing process.

Do a search on the internet to find out the different types and to find the ones that will fill your cutting needs.

Breaking and grozing pliers are the most multipurpose tools you will use in glass cutting.

They are used mostly for breaking glass, or chipping away small pieces, but they are also handy in holding glass like a clamp.

Running Pliers

glass pliers, running pliers, breaking pliers, grozing pliers

Running Pliers are used to apply pressure evenly on both sides of a fresh score line.

If used correctly, a score line will run through the glass neatly.

They work the best on straight cuts and slight curves also.

Once you have scored the glass with a well oiled cutter, use these pliers to distribute even pressure on both sides of a score line to begin and run the score line.

Once the score line has been run, the glass will break evenly along the line.

Breaking Pliers

Once you have cut and run your line these pliers can be used to break the glass into two or more pieces.

They really come in handy when you have a small area to break that just can’t be griped with your hand.

Their narrow jaws and curved lower jaw can reach into really tight spots, and give you just enough leverage to achieve a clean break.

Grozing Pliers

These pliers have serrated areas on the jaws that allow you to chip away any surplus glass.

Use this tool when you don’t have access to a grinder, or want to remove a small are of extra glass.

They can also be used to grip the glass for breaking purposes.

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