Steider Studios Glass Medium

Steider Studios Glass Medium is a powder that is mixed with water to make a binder. Once set up this binder is then added to glass powder to make glass clay. This product is new on the market and at the moment can only be purchased from Steider Studios.

You can purchase a sample size for $3.00. This will make about 3 cups of the liquid binder. Shipping can vary depending on the amount of glass medium purchased. The regular size bottle costs $9.95, while the economy size runs $17.00. Currently you need to call to place an order.

glass medium, binder, glass powder, glass clay

The medium comes with complete detailed instructions, two adorable little plastic spatulas for mixing purposes and suggestions on usage. She even includes a firing schedule suggestion.

The instructions are pretty simple. You sprinkle one teaspoon of the powder into one cup of water in an air-tight container. Stir until all of the white powder is dissolved. Shake or stir occasionally. The material will set up in about 30 minutes to one hour, if you use regular tap water. If you mix the powder with distilled water, it takes up to 2 day for it to set up. The material will be ready to use when it has the consistency of jelly.

Wear your protective respirator when working with the powder glass. Place powdered glass in a bowl and slowly add some of the jelly binder. If too dry add more of the binder. If too moist add more glass powder. You will want to mix the materials until completely combined. There is about a 30 minute play window when using this clay. After 30 minutes the clay will start to dry and become harder to manage.

Allow the clay to dry completely before placing it inside the kiln. This can take several days depending on the size of your object. Drying can be sped up by using a hair dryer or dehydrator.

Watch the video below as I show you how to use this material. You will see me use olive oil when handling the clay, but I am told by Linda from Steider Studios that this can leave a black or dark gray residue on your final piece. She also indicated that there is no need to condition or set the clay aside unless you are not ready to use it for a while. More information can be found at: Steider Studios Blog.

glass medium, binder, glass powder, glass clay

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