Programming a Glass Kiln

Programming a glass kiln can be quite a feat, and might having you wondering if purchasing this type of kiln is worth all this work. Once you get the hang of pushing those buttons and entering your information, you will be very happy that you no longer need to babysit your glass kiln as it is firing.

Some kilns come with pre-programmed sequences. These are for activities such as annealing beads, firing glass, metal clay and other basic processes. Other kilns need to be programmed for any and all processes. If your kiln came with directions refer to them when programming your kiln. These instructions are a general guideline to help you get started and are not meant to replace the instructions in your kiln’s owner manual.

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The first thing you want to do is get to know your particular kiln. Determine how it fires glass and at what temperatures various fusing techniques transpire.

Once you have mastered your particular kiln, decide what process you want to accomplish. Write down the program you are going to use on a piece of paper or in your firing log . This will enable you to place the correct numbers in the required sequence. The kiln will first ask you how many sequences you want in that particular firing. This will be determined by what you have written down.

You will want to write it something like this:

  • 350 1000 10
  • AFAP 1350 0
  • AFAP 950 60
  • AFAP 0 0
  • 1st number in the line - How fast do you want to ramp.

    2nd number in the line - What is your goal temperature.

    3rd number in the line - Hold or soak time at that temperature.

    So to read the schedule above.

    1st step - We are taking the glass up at 350 degrees per hour to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and holding for 10 minutes.

    2nd step - We are taking the glass up as fast as possible to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit and holding for 0 minutes.

    3rd step - We are taking the glass down as fast as possible to 950 degrees Fahrenheit and holding at that temperature for 60 minutes.

    4th step - We are bringing the temperature down to room temperature.

    According to our schedule above we have 4 steps or segments. So at the beginning of our programming when it asks how many segments we would enter 4. Then it will start requiring the various other information for each segment.

    Delphiglass has provided several videos on YouTube. The videos are for the Delphi EZ-Pro Controller, the Sentry Xpress Controller, and the Rampmaster Controller. If you don’t have any of these particular kilns, the videos could still assist you in figuring out how to program your particular kiln.

    Delphi EZ-Pro Controller

    Sentry Xpress Controller

    Rampmaster Controller

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