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Beyond the Basics E-Book

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It is time to go beyond the basics with more glass fusing tutorials.

This e-book will help you accomplish all of the beginner fused glass projects with fused glass instructions and pictures to guide you on your journey.

If you have viewed the on-line pages for beginner projects and wished you could accomplish some of these projects, then this is the information you have been looking for and dreaming of finding.

Downloading this large e-book will get you going on your way!

Begin Your Journey!

Glance through the chapters to view all of the information that is offered to you in this manuscript.

20 Informative Chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Reading Firing Chart
  • Molds
  • Fused Tile
  • Business Card Holder
  • Glass Stand
  • Comb Honey
  • Coral Bowl
  • Fused Barrette
  • Glass Donut
  • Pre-cut Pieces
  • Painting on Glass
  • Sifting Frit onto Glass
  • Soap Dish
  • Fused Glass Dots
  • Drilling a Hole
  • Glass Powder Wafer
  • Sifting Into a Stencil
  • Stringer Project
  • Powder and Frit

  • This beginner e-book has 56 pages of complete step-by-step instructions to assist you on your how to fuse glass journey.

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    With all the informative information packed into the 20 chapters of this e-book, learning all the beginner projects will be easy and fun.

    Fun and Easy Beginner Projects!

    Soon you will be creating your own fused glass projects with self-confidence. This informative e-book will become a treasured resource for future projects.

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    Learn step-by-step information from a simple fused tile to turning that into a business card holder. By the time you finish, you will know how to create all of these beginner projects and be ready to complete more advanced techniques.

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    Soon you will be making and giving fused glass gifts for all of those special occasions! Or create fused glass items to sell at boutiques.

    Check out this fantastic complete beginner e-book to assist you in furthering your fusing adventure. If you want to get started learning how to create some simple projects now, this is the e-book you want.

    Everything You Need to Get Started is HERE!

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