Where to Find Local Glass Fusing Supplies

One of the many questions I receive is “How do I find local glass fusing supplies?” Many people don’t have any luck finding where they can purchase glass fusing supplies in their local area. All over the world the same problem occurs and is asked.

When first starting out in glass fusing, there is so much to learn and purchase. So where else to start the journey and purchase that much needed glass supply and other products than at a local dealer.

But, how do you locate these places? There are a couple of ways you can find out this information.

  • Check with the manufacturer of your preferred glass brand and find out what dealers are in your area. Do a search on Google for the producer of specific glass types. See if the site has any information on retailers. If not contact them using their contact page to ask about the location of local retail stores in your specific area. Some companies have links on their sites that will furnish you with this information. Here are a couple of these sites: Uroboros and Bullseye
  • Check out the local adult education to see if they offer glass fusing classes. These classes know the local Glass supplier, and sometimes they are given deals on these purchases.
  • Check in glass magazines. Some magazines will have listings in the back of locations of retail suppliers. Glass Patterns Quarterly is a magazine that has a listing of retail locations.
  • Check with other devoted glass fusing enthusiasts. You might just find someone to fuse glass with and bounce ideas off of.
  • Find out if there is a local Guild in your area. These groups usually hold monthly meetings and know all the great suppliers.
  • Find stained glass stores, and inquire if they know of retailers who sell glass fusing materials, sometimes the stained glass store will also sell supplies for fusing.
  • So why support your local glass suppliers? Why not just order the glass on line?

    1. It is great to use mail order suppliers for some glass fusing supplies, but there is nothing like handling the glass you are going to purchase.

    2. Being able to see the colors and selecting the texture is very important when you are spending the money for expensive glass.

    3. Some local suppliers have displays that show what the colors look like after fusing. This is not true when you are purchasing glass on line.

    4. The pictures displayed on line don’t always show the true color, or the flaws that might be in the glass.

    5. Glass that is multi-colored might have more of one color than another in a piece. Being able to select the specific glass for your fusing project.

    6. The ability to purchase just the right amount of glass. My local supplier cuts different sizes of the same glass. If I only need a small amount, I have the option to purchase a smaller piece of glass.

    7. Having someone who knows me personally, treats me as a person and not just an order number.

    8. Someone who can answer my glass fusing questions and offer suggestions and advise.

    9. Taking local classes.

    So, to answer the question “How do I find local glass supplies?” Do the research. You will be happy you did, and so will your community retailer. Retail shops are the strength of the glass fusing industry. Show your support!

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