Advanced Glass Fusing Projects

" The ideal Advanced Projects."

This page will list a variety of glass fusing projects you may want to attempt. Glass fusing allows artists to create one-of-a-kind projects using a kiln. The following tasks should provide you with a few of the techniques possible.

More glass fusing projects will be added later, so be sure to check back periodically for updates. These ideas will give you an idea of the potential of fused glass and start you on your journey for trying more complex designs and incorporating your own imaginative ideas. Review the list of glass art crafts on this page to be sure you have the supplies necessary before you attempt the project.

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As you are learning more and more about glass fusing, be sure to take notes along the way. This helpful journal will allow you to write all this information on the vast number of blank pages. This will also assure that all your information is in one place for future reference. Click on picture to find out more about pricing.

To keep all of your firing schedules in one handy location, be sure to check out the page on note taking.

Boiling Glass

boiling glass, boiled glass, klaus moje, bullseyeBoiling Glass - This is a high temperature procedure, therefore I am placing it on the Advanced Glass Fusing Projects page. It doesn't involve having to maneuver the glass inside the kiln, but the unit does have to be brought to a very high temperature.

Canes of Glass

canes of glass, twistie, glass cane, cane

Canes of Glass - This is another high temperature procedure. It involves reaching inside the torrid kiln at high temperatures to twist and turn your molten glass. Generally this procedure is done using a torch or furnace, but can be done inside the kiln.

Combing Glass

combing, kiln forming, glass fusing projects, combing rod Combing Glass - A creative way of moving and blending different colors of glass inside a sizzling kiln. Using a long raking rod the glass is pushed and pulled to make unique designs in the molten glass. Be sure to follow all the safety precautions.


glass drapingGlass Draping - These make interesting pieces of artwork. They can be used as candle holders, pieces of art, or vases. You can make these intricate pieces of artwork out of one piece of glass, or fuse two or more pieces together. These can be made out of a variety of shapes, not just round or square pieces of glass.

Drop Ring

Drop Ring - These take a lot of time and patience, but they are well worth the effort. Each one is unique and fascinating. You will need to purchase a drop ring mold, or make a mold for this project. Out of all the glass fusing projects, this one is the most rewarding in my opinion. It is also the most time consuming.

Embossing Glass

glass embossing, embossing stamps, hot embossing, copper diesGlass Embossing - Everyone will wonder how you managed to obtain a design that is embedded into the glass. But, only you will know the secret to this art fused glass technique. Another fantastic project that will add depth to your fused glass designs.

Freeze and Fuse

fused glass freeze and fuseFreeze and Fuse - You can get great three dimensional glass pieces using this technique. You will need to purchase some molds for this method. These are fantastic to add to other pieces, or to use for making jewelry. You can mix your glass powders to make other colors, or to individually paint details in your molds.

Fused Glass Bracelets

fused glass bracelets, handmade bracelet, handcrafted bracelet, glass bracelets, unique bracelet, braceletFused Glass Bracelets - I have heard that these are not for the faint of heart, and after my first attempt, I knew what they were saying. These bracelets do involve working quickly inside a hot kiln. These are not only beautiful to behold, but exciting to make. So many creative ideas and designs can be made with this method.

Fused Glass Sinks

Fused Glass Sinks - These sinks can add a welcome elegance to any room. Make them for that special bathroom. They do require that a hole be drilled in the middle with a drill that has a large diamond core bit. Purchase molds to form a desired shape or use a large stainless steel bowl as the mold.

Glass Saw Pin

Fused Glass PinGlass Saw Pin - Although these are not complicate to make, I have put them in the more advanced area, because they require you to use a glass saw. These glass pins are made for Halloween.

Any occasion is a special event when you make and wear a fused glass pin.


inclusionsInclusions - There are many items that can be sealed inside fused glass artwork. Find out what items can and can't be used for this process. Add some unique details to glass fusing projects by adding some inclusions.

Picture Frame Pendant

fused glass pendantPicture Frame Pendant - Creating a pendant is much like making a picture frame, except in miniature. These make unique pieces of jewelry. These also don't need to be square or rectangular in shape. Use your imagination and some scrap glass to create your own picture frame pendant.

Pocket Vases

Fused Glass Pocket Vases - These take time and monitoring the kiln to achieve the desired look. I found that they are easier to make using fiber paper instead of the fiber board. The fiber board is much harder to remove from the finished piece.

Pot Melt

glass pot meltPot Melt - Learn the exciting and rewarding process of doing a pot melt. Each and every pot melt will come out differently. Mix colors for unique one of a kind patterns and designs. These can be used as they are, slumped into a mold, or cut up and used in other fusing projects.

Slumping Glass Bowl

slumping glass, glass bowl, glass slumpingSlumping Glass Bowl - This project is fairly simple to accomplish, but it does require the use of a glass saw. This particular glass slumping pattern is a blossom shape comprised of graduated complimentary glass. There are several steps and firings to produce this gorgeous piece of fused glass artwork.


Vitrigraph - This is a very exciting procedure. Pulling and maneuvering this flow of molten glass as it seeps continuously from the supported kiln is not for the weak at heart. The possibilities with the glass that is pulled during this technique are endless.


glass weavingGlass Weaving - This is a fascinating process. Not only does it give your piece the look of woven cloth, but what dimension. There are a few methods for this procedure:
  • Fiber Paper Strips
  • Stainless Steel Mold
  • Stringers
  • Strips Weaving

  • This is just a sampling of all the glass fusing projects you can accomplish in your kiln. Remember to check back for more glass fusing projects. These will be added as time permits.

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