Glass Fusing Ornaments

Screwy Santa

With these adorable glass fusing ornaments, the bulky guy with the cherry suit is headfirst down the chimney. This classical tale brings about the charm of the famous Santa Claus legend for youngsters and grownups alike. The long told story of this mirthful man who defies the laws of physics by plunging up and down the chimney can now be made into some glass fusing ornaments.

The story tells how Santa parks his sleigh on the roof top of each home, free-falls down the chimney and delivers presents and over stuffs the stockings of all the good boys and girls. With these fused glass Christmas pins, Screwy Santa, the jolly old soul has gotten stuck in the chimney. Perhaps Santa while indulging on the milk and cookies ponders on how he is going to get back up that sooty chimney.

Materials List:

  • Pattern
  • Card stock
  • glass fusing ornaments, fused glass Christmas pins

  • Permanent marker
  • Beeswax or Chap Stick
  • White glass
  • Red glass
  • Black glass
  • Black stringers
  • Glass saw
  • Glass cleaner
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Glass glue
  • Kiln
  • Glasses with IR and UV protection
  • Two part Epoxy
  • Pin back

  • glass fusing ornaments, fused glass Christmas pins

    1. Print the design on card stock and cut out with scissors.

    2. Lay the each pattern on the appropriate colored glass and trace around it with a permanent marker. Liberally apply beeswax or Chap Stick on your marks. This will prevent your marks from disappearing while cutting it out with a glass saw.

    3. Carefully cut your design using a glass saw. Be sure to cut right on the lines to achieve a nice even pattern.

    4. Using some hot water and soap clean your pieces. You can also use a glass cleaner if preferred. Dry the individual pieces.

    5. Now to assemble the pieces on the kiln shelf. Remember to hold each piece by the edge of the glass so you don’t leave any oily fingerprints. All of your pieces must be overlapping so that they will fuse together. Lay out the shoes. Line up the legs and add the white trip on top of the pieces so that it overlaps the feet and the legs. Place the red chimney so that it lines up with the legs. Using some glass glue, break off pieces of black stringer and make your brick design on the chimney. Place the snow on top of the chimney so that it overlaps the chimney and part of the legs. See picture for example.

    6. Close up the kiln and turn it on. These pieces are small enough to allow the pieces to heat up as fast as possible.

    7. Start watching your pieces at about 1325 degrees Fahrenheit. Always wear glasses with IR and UV protection when looking inside a hot fiery kiln.

    8. Once you notice that the pieces have tacked to your desired look, turn off and unplug the kiln. If the kiln is constructed with thick fire bricks, you can allow it to cool of naturally. If the kiln is constructed with ceramic fiber, then you will need to leave the kiln on and monitor the cooling process so that it doesn’t exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

    9. The kiln can be opened once the temperature has cooled down to below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    After firing you will notice a big change on the appearance of these glass fusing ornaments. The snow wraps nicely around the chimney and his shoes become rounded and plump.

    These delightful Screwy Santa pieces can be made into pins. Apply two part Epoxy mixing according to the manufacture directions, and adding a pin back. Make sure the piece is level so your pin back will stay where placed.

    Make a few of these glass fusing ornaments, because they are in high demand. Everyone delights in wearing these on their winter attire to amuse friends and acquaintances.

    For more fused glass ornaments, be sure to check out the page on Fused Glass Christmas . There are lots of suggestions on festive pins and designs that can be made for the coming holiday.

    Screwy Santa Pattern

    glass fusing ornaments, fused glass Christmas pins

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