Glass Fusing Instructions

"Beyond the Basics"

glass fusing instructions, glass fusing information, fusing glass instructions

Dear Friend,

We have taken you through the basic glass fusing instructions with our first DVD, “Beginner Glass Fusing Class” .

In the “Beyond the Basics” DVD you will venture out with this basic knowledge and try some easy beginner projects.

This video is the second one in a series of educational DVDs that will be offered on the site.

Each DVD in this progression will have a little glass fusing information about procedures and then venture out to actually doing some projects.

If you have purchased our first video filled with fusing glass instructions, or have some good basic knowledge of glass fusing, then this DVD is a must have to continue your adventure.

The video starts out by furthering your glass fusing instructions and education with items like reading a firing chart and molds.

Then we move on to simple and easy procedures.

Over 1 Hour of Instructions!

Watch as I lead you through each process, showing you step-by-step how each procedure is accomplished.

We start out with a simple tile design and then further enhance the piece by turning it into a business card holder.

You can read the directions on line for most of these procedures, but there are additional chapters and information that can’t be found on the site.

Showing you how to do the procedures and walking you through the steps is want makes this video priceless.

Easy and Simple Beginner Projects!

See the final product along with a list of supplies needed for each project.

Then watch as I show you how each process is accomplished.

Have you seen the list of beginner projects on the site?

This DVD covers most of those and a few that are not listed. Here is what you will receive…

20 Chapters

glass fusing instructions, glass fusing information, fusing glass instructions

Ch 1 - Introduction

Ch 2 – Reading a Firing Chart

Ch 3 - Molds

Ch 4 - Fused Tile

Ch 5 - Business Card Holder

Ch 6 - Glass Stand

Ch 7 - Comb Honey

Ch 8 - Coral Bowl

Ch 9 - Fused Barrette

Ch 10 - Glass Donut

Ch 11- Pre-cut Pieces

Ch 12 - Painting on Glass with Glass

Ch 13 – Sifting Frit onto Glass

Ch 14 – Soap Dish

Ch 15 - Fused Glass Dots

Ch 16 – Drilling a Hole

Ch 17 - Glass Powder Wafer

Ch 18 – Sifting Into a Stencil

Ch 19 - Stringer Project

Ch 20 – Layering Powder and Frit

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All for Only $24.99

Included with the DVD is a colorful insert.

This handy insert shows you visually what is contained in each of the chapters.

This will assist you in viewing all the chapters at a glance.

So, if you are ready to continue your adventure in glass fusing and experience the forming and manipulating of molten glass, then the “Beyond the Basics” video is definitely for you.

Experience the joy of glass fusing instructions in the comfort of your own home.

In no time at all you will be creating these simple projects and moving on to understanding and practicing the more advanced and breathtaking projects you dream about.

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glass fusing instructions, glass fusing information, fusing glass instructions

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