Beginner Glass Fusing Classes

Learn How to Make Fused Glass?

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Dear Friend...

Glass fusing classes can be expensive and the information can be overwhelming.

Learn how to fuse glass with this downloadable movie.

Finally a Beginner movie that will answer all of your questions about glass fusing without ever attending a glass fusing class.

This downloadable movie will deliver all the instructions needed to create those dreamed about works of art.

These basic instructions will help you avoid disasters.

Learn to avoid and understand the fundamentals of this hot craft.

Included in the download are 18 chapters of step-by-step instructions.

Start out with the basic information about glass types, safety issues, COE and then continue on with preparing and firing a first piece.

Enjoy a visual demonstration of the diverse techniques and the basics on how to make fused glass.

Over 47 Minutes of Instruction!

All For Only $24.99

When I first began my adventure of glass fusing, there wasn’t much information to be found.

Opinions were all over the place as how to accomplish the basic steps.

Taking a class was also very upsetting, even though they did provide a lot of information.

Once I arrived home, I couldn’t remember most of what they had shared in class.

I wanted to learn more about how to use my kiln and most of the things discussed in class were forgotten by the time I arrived home.

Home and alone, there was no one there to review the basic information or answer my arising questions.

Working through all of the aggravations, I spent countless hours of self-learning, and numerous years of trial and errors.

But, finally I learned the art of glass fusing and soon I began receiving compliments from friends and family.

glass fusing classes, how to fuse glass, glass fusing class, how to make fused glass

Save Time and Frustration!

I would like to share with you the pleasure and thrill of fusing glass.

Soon you will understand and enjoy the excitement of manipulating glass inside the kiln.

Like Christmas every day, is the only way to describe the excitement and anticipation of bringing your fused projects out of the kiln.

With this simple and affordable download, you will soon be able to sell your artwork and turn this adventure into a profitable business.

Let me assist you in learning the rewarding craft of glass fusing.

This movie jam packed with glass fusing instructions can be downloaded to your computer or other device and is the next best thing to actually having me there to walk you through the various processes.

Who can afford to hire a private instructor to come into your home and assist you with all the basic of glass fusing?

These classes can be extremely expensive and they are not always offered in your particular area or at a convenient time for your busy schedule.

Why wait any further?

Get started today!

Here’s what you’ll get with the Beginner Glass Fusing Class Downloadable Movie:

• Glass Types and COE

• Glass Phases

• Thermal Shock

• 1000 degrees Fahrenheit

• Devitrification

• Annealing

• Quarter Inch Rule

• Glass Assembly

• Safety

• Kiln Types

• Basic Supplies

• Preparing the Kiln

• Preparing the Kiln Shelf

• Cutting Glass

• Designing Glass

• Firing Glass

• The Final Fused Project

...And that's just for starters!

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started!

Reserve YOUR copy today!

All For Only $24.99

glass fusing classes, how to fuse glass, glass fusing class, how to make fused glass

 glass fusing classes, how to fuse glass, glass fusing class, how to make fused glass

Start your adventure in fused glass and soon you will be manipulating and forming molten glass inside your kiln.

In the comfort of your own home, you will experience the joy of learning glass with the assistance of a private instructor.

Get started today, and soon you will be ready to move on to creating the more advanced and awesome projects you now only dream about.

Once you learn the very basics with this downloadable movie, you will be able to continue your adventure with projects such as: pot melts, draping glass, bracelets, and so many more glass fusing techniques.

The adventure can start today!

Click here to order your copy now!

glass fusing classes, how to fuse glass, glass fusing class, how to make fused glass

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