Glass Fusing Books

" The best glass fusing books in the world. "

Although there is quite a large selection of glass fusing books, most local bookstores don’t carry any books on the subject.

Your best place to locate and purchase these books is on the internet.

If you are just starting out on your venture into glass fusing, I would suggest that you begin with a book that is easy to understand and has great visual pictures.

Read reviews on the individual book and see if others would recommend the book.

Find out what they liked or disliked the book and why or why not they would recommend the manuscript.

If you purchase a book from an online store, be sure to go back and do a review so that others will benefit from your knowledge. When asked “What is a great book for beginners?”

The most popular answers are:

  • Introduction to Glass Fusing by Petra Kaiser
  • Contemporary Warm Glass by Brad Walker
  • The Fused Glass Handbook by Gil Reynolds
  • Techniques of kiln Formed Glass by Kieth Cummings
  • Fused Glass Art and Technique by Richard LaLonde
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Fusing...But Had No One To Ask by Susan Kutno
  • Arts & Craft Books

    Recommended Glass Fusing Books

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    Want to learn the basics of glass fusing?

    Beginner Glass Fusing Class Book by Connie Brown

    This book will provide you with all the basic information to get you started on your exciting glass fusing adventure. Much like attending a beginner glass fusing class, this book walks you through vital information to get you on your way. Definitely a must for any beginner. Click on the book that will open a page with further information.

    For a beginner, I would suggest:

    Introduction to Glass Fusing by Petra Kaiser

    This is a great beginner's book on the basic skills and techniques of fusing. It is filled with how to photos, projects and instructions. Step-by-step instructions are clearly written and demonstrated. This book assumes you have no knowledge about fusing and is geared towards the beginner. She provides you with a list of materials needed for each project and handy tip sidebars.

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Fusing...But Had No One To Ask by Susan Kutno (check out her site) This another fantastic beginner book. There are 19 chapters filled with information on what tools to use, setting up your studio, how to work with molds, lots of black and white photos and tons more! She includes hundreds of tips! This book even comes with a built-in stand. With the stand, you can prop up the book and refer to it while you are doing the projects.

    For the next level in learning, Petra has come out with her latest book:

    Fuse It by Petra Kaiser

    This book is a valuable resource for those desiring to delve further into the art of glass fusing. She provides an enormous assortment of new and fresh kiln forming possibilities. Some of the projects she provides in the book are subjects like: jewelry, holders, mirrors and ornaments, clocks and sculptures, vases, hot combing, marketing your work, and much more.

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