Intermediate Glass Fusing Book

Occurring Between Two Extremes

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The Intermediate Glass Fusing Book will further your education in glass fusing.

In the earlier books and DVDs you were just getting your appetite moistened in understanding and learning glass fusing.

In this paperback it is time to roll up your sleeves and embark upon some interesting and fun ways to control glass inside a kiln.

You could spend a fortune for classes that cover any of these intermediate projects.

Save your money and learn all these techniques in the comfort of your own home.

Take the book with you as you attempt the clearly illustrated processes.

The book starts out examining embellishments that can be utilized to boost your projects and discover some vital information on setting up a workshop so that you and your missions are secure.

Then roll up your sleeves and dive into the fun projects that will quickly get your artistic juices flowing.

Some of these projects are quite easy to achieve and mixing and matching them in fusing will help to enhance your future projects.

Continue Your Journey!

Here is a glimpse of all the information that is provided in this Intermediate book:

  • Chapter 1 - Embellishments
  • Chapter 2 - Glass Workshop
  • Chapter 3 - Broken Art Glass
  • Chapter 4 - Casting Glass
  • Chapter 5 - Cold Combing
  • Chapter 6 - Copper Mesh Method
  • Chapter 7 - Crackle Technique
  • Chapter 8 - Etching Glass
  • Chapter 9 - Fused Glass Frame
  • Chapter 10 - Marble Glass Art
  • Chapter 11 - Fused Glass Lace
  • Chapter 12 - Fusing Photo Paper
  • Chapter 13 - Fused Wind Chimes
  • Chapter 14 - Glass Clay
  • Chapter 15 - Puffy Glass
  • Chapter 16 - Rubber Stamping on Glass
  • Chapter 17 - Slumping Bottles
  • Chapter 18 - Stringer Bowl

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    There is a lot of information and visuals provided in these fused glass tutorials.

    Learning these techniques will provide you with a stronger foundation to progress forward to more advanced techniques.

    Soon you will be crafting fused glass presents that will be appreciated and treasured for years to come, or produce one-of-a-kind treasures that are strong sellers at craft fairs and boutiques.

    Further the fusing adventure with this intermediate glass fusing book.

    Fused glass classes can be very costly and not necessarily found in your location.

    This book will help you understand and accomplish more intermediate projects.

    This book is a must for any glass fusing library.

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