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The Glass Fusing Blog is a journal committed to glass fusing methods and supplies. This page will inform you once any new internet pages appear on this locate.

Glass fusing is becoming an exceedingly popular craft. Find out how to melt, mold and maneuver glass inside a kiln.

These updated pages will give you more insight into the world of glass fusing. Make certain to check back frequently and view more updated information on this sizzling "red-hot" hobby!

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When items are added to the Glass Fusing Made Easy internet site, they will be catalogued on this page. They are listed in order of being contributed or updated.

While researching and studying more about glass fusing, new and significant data is gleaned. These will be made into educational pages, or added to existing pages to inform subscribers.

This is to assure that these pages are cutting-edge and an informational source on glass fusing.

Revel in the glass fusing venture!

Discover the latest data…

  • The most recent trends in glass fusing procedures
  • The latest techniques in glass fusing strategies
  • What’s up and coming in glass fusing
  • The most popular tips and tricks
  • Reviews on the most sizzling products
  • Where to find the best bargains on fusing and slumping products
  • Simple step-by-step "How to do's" and a good deal more...

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Oak Mountain Glass and Service

Oak Mountain Glass is a family-owned local business in Birmingham, AL and is always striving to achieve the absolute best that the glass business can offer.

Continue reading "Oak Mountain Glass and Service"

Covenant Art Glass, Everett, WA

Covenant Art Glass in Everett, Washington (40 minutes North of Seattle) is a fantastic retail store, offering a staggering selection of glass, including

Continue reading "Covenant Art Glass, Everett, WA "

Fused Glass Workshops

Designing Fused glass workshops. What items do you need to set up a studio?

Continue reading "Fused Glass Workshops"

Fused Glass Links

Fused glass links that will assist you in finding supplies and sources for all of your glass fusing accessories.

Continue reading "Fused Glass Links"

Mold Making

Mold Making 101 will assist you in learning some easy and basic mould making techniques. From ceramic mold making to using Castalot to create unique one-of-a-kind moulds.

Continue reading "Mold Making"

Ruling Pen

Have you ever used a ruling pen in your glass fusing projects? This simple pen holds liquid in a slot between two flexible metal jaws.

Continue reading "Ruling Pen"


Rigidizer is a compound of colloidal silica. It is used to coat ceramic fiber products to provide protection from erosion and to harden the surface to a certain degree.

Continue reading "Rigidizer"

Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks are made from materials that stay physically and chemically stable in high temperatures. Bricks made like this are used for the lining of kilns, furnaces, fireplaces and fireboxes.

Continue reading "Refractory Bricks"

Pattern Bar Slices

Pattern bar slices are made from cutting off certain widths of pattern bars. Pattern bars are made from layers of strips of glass, stringers or frit and typically are made from different colors.

Continue reading "Pattern Bar Slices"

Morton System

The Morton System makes up an integrated system of tools that help you cut glass more easily and safely. Some cuts in fact would be almost impossible to make using other equipment.

Continue reading "Morton System"

Pattern Bar

A pattern bar is the result of fusing together different colors of glass into a thick bundle. Once fused they are then cut to create colorful fused glass patterns.

Continue reading "Pattern Bar"

Anything In Stained Glass--Frederick, MD

A glass candy store! This place is HUGE and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable! They carry a wide variety of stained glass and fusing supplies and

Continue reading "Anything In Stained Glass--Frederick, MD"

Ramp Time

The rate at which a kiln's temperature changes is considered the ramp time. This applies to both increasing and decreasing temperatures and is part of the firing schedule of any glass fusing process.

Continue reading "Ramp Time"

Peep Hole

A peep hole is a very valuable part on your glass fusing kiln. It allows you to see if you projects are at the right stage, so they can go through the annealing and cooling process.

Continue reading "Peep Hole"

Kiln Sitter

Kiln sitters are special mechanisms that remove the power from the heating elements once the desired temperature has been reached inside the kiln.

Continue reading "Kiln Sitter"


Mud is an interesting product that is used to enhance your fused glass projects. The steps are quite simple and the product is very easy to use.

Continue reading "MUD"

Kiln Forming

Kiln forming is the process of using a kiln to heat and form glass into various objects. There are various procedures that fall under this category of glass fusing.

Continue reading "Kiln Forming"

Hard Glass

Hard glass has a high viscosity at high temperatures. Its softening point is also high, which makes it a bit difficult to melt.

Continue reading "Hard Glass"

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