Glass Frit Blends

Glass frit blends are an extremely useful way to use up all of your scrap glass.

There are a few places on the internet where you can purchase these blends in an array of color combinations.

You can also make your own by combining warm or cool scrap glass colors to form complimentary mixtures.

I don’t know about you, but purchasing frit can be very expensive.

I save all of my scrap glass, even the tiniest of slivers.

If you want a particular selection of frit and you have some glass in that color, why not make your own?

Saving these tiny pieces when cutting your glass will save you on purchasing bottled frit.

Frit blend takes this to another level.

An example of this would be to take shades of browns and tans and add a little orange or red to make the colors really pop.

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1. Clean your glass thoroughly so that you won’t have any debris on the glass.

2. Cut your pieces into roughly the size of frit that you want for your projects. This could be large chunks to tiny slivers.

3. Mix various pieces of the frit to come up with the color combination that you want for your particular project.

4. Place mix in containers for future usage.

Some examples of Frit Blend:

  • 4th of July Blend – red, white, blue
  • Christmas Blend – red, green, white
  • Cool Blend – dark blue, light blue, tan, light green
  • Fall Blend – brown, orange, yellow, green, red
  • Spring Blend – pink, light green, light blue
  • St. Patrick’s Blend – light green, dark green, yellow
  • Valentine Blend – pink, red, white, black
  • Watermelon Blend – red, green, black
  • Do test samples to see what colors work together and come up with your own combinations.

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