Fused Glass Eye Balls

Making a glass eye takes a few firings. These parts are great to add to other projects where you want to make a face and have eyes.

You can add red lines to make red veins for a more evil look. They make terrific emphasis bits on your faces. Glass eyes are easy to create and help to deplete those scrap fusible glass bits of white. Save all those bits and pieces of scrap fusible glass and make eye balls for your other pieces.


  • Scrap glass
  • Glassline paint black (optional – red)
  • Paint tips
  • Kiln
  • Kiln Shelf
  • Fiber paper or kiln wash
  • To create little eye for adorning your fused pieces, utilize your discarded glass. Scrap fusible glass bits can be used to make different sized eyes.

    Cut or break your glass into small pieces. Scatter the glass particles on your prepared kiln shelf. Make sure that none of the pieces are touching, or you will have an odd shaped piece.

    Heat the kiln to approximately 1435 degrees Fahrenheit. The small pieces will draw up and form rounded pieces. Turn off the kiln and allow it to reach room temperature. Don’t open the kiln until the temperature has reached below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Once the pieces have cooled completely, open the lid of the kiln. Keep the pieces on the shelf. Attach a paint tip to the Glassline paint bottle and put a drop of black paint on each glob. You can center these dots, or put them a little off center to make your eyes look like they are looking in different directions. You can also use red Glassline paint to add squiggly red veins on the eye balls.

    Close the lid of the kiln and turn it back on. Fire the pieces to approximately 1350 degrees Fahrenheit to allow the paint to permanently bond to the glass. Turn off the kiln and allow the pieces to cool to room temperature.

    You glass eyes are finished and ready for use. Store and use these pieces in future projects. Make them in various colors for dramatic affects. Try making them in green, purple, blue, etc.

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