Glass Cutter

If you want to cut long or short, accurate cuts, then you will need a glass cutter.

The newest type on the market is the pistol grip.

Although there are many different types of glass cutters, you need to find the one that is most comfortable for you to use.

They are each held differently.

Try them out before you make your purchase.

I will try to describe the different cutters and how they are held.

Even though you are reading about these cutters, you still need to try each type to determine what is most comfortable for your cutting style.

Most glass cutters have a compartment that you can fill with cutting oil.

My pistol grip cutter has such an area.

I still prefer to dip the cutter in a film canister that has a cotton ball inside, and cutter oil.

I have talked with several people who have tried using oil in these chambers, only to have them leak all the time.

This is why I have chosen to keep my oil in a small container, and dip my cutter before each cut.

Types of Cutters

glass cutter

Pencil grip cutters and pistol grip cutters are the most commonly used types of cutters.

There are many numerous brands of cutters, but the most popular manufacturers are Fletcher and Toyo .

The old general dry wheel cutter is not as widely used these days.

These are the type that you can purchase at the hardware store for a couple of dollars.

It was long with a tooth design on one end and a ball end handle for snapping the scored glass.

This cutter has been replaced with the pencil grip and pistol grip cutters.

A pencil grip cutter is held much like a pencil, and can be held just like a pencil.

It can also be held between your middle finger and pointing finger.

They you can use your thumb for support.

Even though this cutter is light weight and small, after cutting for a while, your fingers can get tired and a little sore.

The handles of these are usually made out of brass or acrylic.

They are self-lubricating with carbide cutting wheels.

The pistol grip cutter is held like a handle.

You grip your fingers around the cutter and lean into your cut.

You have a lot of control with the pistol grip cutter, and are able to apply more pressure.

The handles of these cutters is usually made out of acrylic, and they have self-lubricating carbide cutting wheels.

Types of Cutting Oil

What kind of oil should be used in or with a glass cutter?

Do you have to buy the expensive cutter oil?

There are many types of cutter oil made just for a glass cutter.

These can be a little on the expensive side, and are not a necessity.

The purpose of the oil is to protect your cutting blade.

There are many other items that can be used for this purpose.

Some of these would be: turpenoid oil, turpentine, or sewing machine oil.

Just about any oil that will help preserve and protect your cutting blade can be used.

If you notice that your cutting blade is not making clean cuts, but making more of a dotted line, the wheel of your cutter is chipped.

If you need to apply more and more pressure to make a clean score line, then the wheel of your cutter is dull.

You could purchase new wheels for your cutter, but for the time and cost, it is probably easier and cheaper to just purchase a new cutter.

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