Glass Clay Techniques E-Book

Childhood Creativity Using Glass

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In this new e-book about Clay Glass, we will take a closer look at a variety of glass clay techniques.

In standard glass fusing, there are some constraints because you are working with solid glass.

Glass clay removes these limitations and creating items you only imagined before is simple to accomplish.

There are not as many limited boundaries when using art clay glass.

Much like manipulating Play Doh, polymer clay, or silver clay, glass clay can be maneuvered easily with other objects or your hands.

This material can be thinned for making lines, or mixed to form clay.

Glass clay has been revised and reborn for glass fusers.

If you enjoy being creative and working with your hands and being creative, then glass clay is the medium for you!

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Follow along as the different methods for making clay are discussed individually and then read instructions on firing clay.Once you have the basics down on this material the book delves into some fun and easy ways to maneuver the clay.

The Clay Glass e-book is filled with information and instructions on using glass clay.

It begins by providing some important safety measures, then goes on to discuss some of the various ways you can create this medium.

Then read along as the instructions for preparing and mixing the clay is discussed before continuing on to explain how to fire this product.

Once the basic information has been discussed, the e-book continues with many various ways to create and manipulate the clay.

glass clay techniques, glass clay, clay glass, art glass clay, glasclay

Clay Glass Chapters:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Safety
  • Chapter 2 – GlasClay
  • Chapter 3 - Steider Studios Glass Medium
  • Chapter 4 - Homemade Clay
  • Chapter 5 – Preparing and Mixing
  • Chapter 6 – Firing
  • Chapter 7 – Enclosed Dichroic Cabochon
  • Chapter 8 – Frosting Tube Method
  • Chapter 9 – Pressing into Molds
  • Chapter 10 – Freeze and Fuse
  • Chapter 11 – Cutting Tools Method
  • Chapter 12 – Glass Ring
  • Chapter 13 – Making Lines
  • Chapter 14 – Stamping
  • Chapter 15 – Free Form Designs

  • So, if you have been wanting to add glass clay to your fusing supplies, but needed more information on this new material, then this book is definitely for you.

    Your Complete Guide to Glass Clay!

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    glass clay techniques, glass clay, clay glass, art glass clay, glasclay

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