Glass Casting Molds

Glass casting molds can be purchased or made. These casting molds are the vessels for molten glass, fusible glass, or frit. They can be used to make designs that are three dimensional in shape. Some are reusable glass-casting molds and can be used numerous times, while others are used only once.

Casting is basically the process through which a material is emptied or placed into a mold. If the material is solid such as in fusible glass or frit, it is added to the mold and then heated inside a kiln to form the desired shape. If the substance is a liquid such as molten glass, then it is poured into the heated vessel, and the hardened casting is removed and broken to complete the process. To read more about the different glass casting methods, check out the page on Casting Glass.

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Some of the frit casting or Colour de Verre molds require that a primer or kiln wash is applied before firing. These four or five coats should be even and not obscure the design. A hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying process between coats. Use a small brush or other object to move the frit away from the top edge of the mold. Wearing a dust mask after firing the primer can be removed with a nylon kitchen brush or toothbrush.

Any glass spurs on the edges after firing can be removed with a wet diamond block or glass grinder. Removing any excess frit or glass from the edges will minimize these spurs.

To remove the object from a Colour de Verre mold or frit glass casting mold, turn the mold face down and gently tap it against any hard surface. The surface should have a cushion of newspapers or paper towels.

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