Glass Bail

A glass bail is a terrific way to finish off a piece of jewelry for the final mounting onto a necklace or chain.

A clear jewelry bail will not distract from the finished piece, and will almost go unnoticed.

These bails don’t have to be purchased or made strictly out of clear glass.

Jewelry bails can be made with clear glass, or any colored glass that will accent or blend with the designed piece.

When constructing these bails, be sure that the glass is the same COE as the glass used to design the adorned piece, since these are going to be fused onto the pendant.

Making Your Own Glass Bail

Making a fusible glass bail can really save you time and money.

These bails can be a little expensive to purchase, and the size is a little on the large side.

But, they are quite simple to make.

A search of the internet will also reveal a Custom-Bail-Creator that can be purchased to form these glass fused bails.

Construct individually, or make a long bar and cut it using a glass saw to obtain several pieces.

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  • Glass
  • Desired channel material
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • Directions:

    Cut bottom and top glass to desired size.

    The glass can be clear or colored glass depending on the desired look. Cut the bottom piece a little larger.

    Place bottom piece on prepared kiln shelf inside the kiln.

    Use your choice of desired channel material.

    Suggested material might be fiber paper, wooden skewer, bead mandrel or fiber chord.

    Place the material on top of the bottom glass and towards the top edge of the glass.

    If using a wooden skewer or bead mandrel, be sure to coat with bead release.

    The desired channel material can be secured with a dab of glass glue to hold it in place.

    Place the smaller piece of glass on top and towards the upper side of the bottom piece.

    If needed, add some frit or tiny pieces of clear glass under this layer of glass to keep it level.

    Close kiln and turn the unit on.

    Fire the piece to just above a tack fuse.

    Firing too high and too long will cause the glass around the inserted material to shrink up and distort.

    Anneal and cool to room temperature.

    Once the piece is cooled, remove the glass and clean.

    Grind the piece to make it smaller or thinner if desired, or use a glass saw to cut it into numerous sizes and shapes.

    Reinsert a new clean desired channel material and place the finished bail under a fused pendant.

    Place entire piece back on prepared kiln shelf and fuse to a tack fuse.

    Anneal and cool to room temperature.

    Insert chain, chord or any necklace material and enjoy!

    glass bail, jewelry bail, jewelry bails, glass bails

    Purchase Fusible Glass Bails

    These bails can be purchase in clear or black.

    They are really expensive to purchase, but sometimes the convenience is worth the cost.

    Simply lay your fused glass on the tab and fuse to your piece.

    You will need to heat this up to a little more than a tack fuse to insure a strong bond between the bail and your glass piece.

    Make sure that the piece of fiber cord that is in the channel stays in place during firing.

    You want your pieces to blend together and look like one unified finished piece.

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