Fused Glass Art for Beginners

" Don't play with fire, start with the beginner projects."

This is a fused glass art for beginners page.

Glass fusing is the fastest growing form of art today.

These are beginner projects to help you get your feet wet.

If you have never tried glass fusing this is your chance to sample some simple projects.

Once you have tried glass fusing, you will understand why it is so popular.

Use these glass art craft projects as an introduction to basic glass art for

beginners techniques.

You will need to have already accomplished the basic glass cutting techniques, have an understanding of compatibility, and fusing temperatures.

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For any needed help, refer to the technical terms page on the navigation bar, or purchase the Beginner Glass Fusing Class DVD.

Simply click on the link or image to the right.

This is a fantastic way to learn all the glass art for beginners information.

This DVD will provide you with all the basic information you will need to get started in glass fusing.

It is much like taking a class, but in the privacy of your own home. Watch the DVD whenever needed to refresh information or to have answers to your many questions.

Be creative and have fun with these projects.

Once you get your feet wet, move on to the other glass fusing projects page for more advanced processes, or attempt more of the glass art for beginners projects.
glass art for beginners, glass art crafts, fused glass easy projects, fused glass tile As you are going along on your new adventure of glass fusing, you should take notes on what you have seen, or what project you are working on.

Glass art for beginners is a little more complicated if you don't have assistance along the way.

You might want to purchase "My Glass Fusing Journal" .

Simply click on the image to your left.

This journal is filled with blank pages so you can write down information.

Click on the picture or the link to find out more information on purchasing this valuable booklet.

For more detailed journalism and jotting down information on your firing schedule be sure to check out the firing log page.

Art Glass Cabochons

Art Glass Cabochons - These can be made using scrap glass. There is no need to cut glass to make a cabochon. Use up all your scrap glass and make these simple fused glass jewelry pieces.

Fused Glass Buttons

fused glass buttons, sewing buttons, clothing button, personalized buttons Fused Glass Buttons - So simple they are being placed on the Beginner page of the site. Make them any size desired. Drill holes in them or attach a button shank to the back. They can be personalized or designed to fit a particular color scheme or outfit.

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder - These simply sleek business card holders are effortless to make. Once you have made a tile, turn it into a one-of-a-kind business card holder or name card holder for your friends and family.

Comb Honey

comb honey, honey comb, honey bees, honey bee Comb Honey - This is a great glass art for beginners design. It can be achieved by using clear dots of glass and placing them on a solid blank. There is a YouTube video that will show you the steps needed to achieve this pattern. It takes a few steps, but what a great way to use the kiln and learn a new procedure.

Elegant Coral Bowl

coral bowl, coral reefs, nautical decor, beach decorElegant Coral Bowl - An elegant coral bowl that can enhance any decor. This piece looks like you have picked it up off of a sandy beach and placed it inside your home. Cut from a couple of colors of glass to really make the piece interesting.

Fused Barrette

fused glass barretteFused Barrette - This is a simple yet very rewarding project. To accomplish making a fused barrette, you will need to purchase a barrette mold. This project is also great for using up all your scrap pieces of glass. They can make great decorating pieces on your barrette.

Fused Christmas Ornaments

Fused Glass Christmas OramentsChristmas Ornaments - Want a simple way to make some fused Christmas ornaments? Try using some precut out fuse forms. These can be made to adorn your own tree, or give as gifts to family and friends.

Fused Cutout Pieces

fuse cutoutFuse Cutout Pieces - Precut cutout pieces are simple to use. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit just about any fusing project. These are simple to use and can adore fused pieces, or be used by themselves.

Fused Glass Tile

fused glass tilesFused Glass Tiles - These fused glass tiles are a fantastic beginner project. They are extremely simple to make and exciting to watch as your tiles come to life in the kiln. You only need some glass and your imagination to produce a quick and easy glass tile. If you are looking for a fast and simple first project, this is the one to start with.

Fused Glass Donut

fused glass donutFused Glass Donut - Making a fused glass donut takes only a few scraps of glass. What a way to use up all those left over not to mention expensive pieces of fusible glass. Putting the pieces together, remember that you must use glass that has the same COE. These don't even have to be made in a circular shape.

Fused Glass Dots

Fused Glass Dots - These are another great way to use up all that scrap glass. Use these as accents on your fused glass art. They can be used for eyes or just as tiny decoration pieces. This page will also so you how to make glass globs. These are larger dots used for making pendants.

Glass Powder Wafers

glass powder wafers, surface decorations, glass powder, glass wafer, wafer

Glass Powder Wafer - Easy to create and simple to design, these are fantastic pieces that can be used to adorn another piece of glass. They can be made with any pattern in mind.

Painting on Glass with Glass

fused glass buttons, sewing buttons, clothing button, personalized buttons Painting on Glass with Glass - The basic idea behind this project is to show you how simple it is to use Glassline Paints. In this particular design, I have cut out my plate pattern, but you can use pre-cut out circles that match your particular mold.

Plate Stand

plate stand, display stand, creative designs, scrap glass Plate Stand - These is a simple glass art for beginners project to create and make lovely holders for all of your fused art work. When creating them be sure that all of the glass in the project has the same COE. Use a fusing mold that will be large enough to hold the finished piece.

Soap Dish Mold

soap dish mold fused glassSoap Dish Mold - Simple and elegant fused glass soap dish. These are really easy to make and a very fast project. Made from a single sheet of glass these fire up quickly in the kiln.

Learn how to make these soap dish holders for your bars of soap. Add a bar of homemade soap and you have a perfect gift!

Slumping Stringer Projects

stringers, slumping Slumping Stringer Projects - Thin and light, stringers can be used as decorating accents. Usually they are bent using a candle or other heating element. But, did you know that they can be slumped inside the kiln. Learn more about this process and then add some stringers to other projects.

These are just a few of the Glass Art for Beginners projects.

Basically they are just allowing you to attempt firing up the kiln and observing what is happening.

Take a look at the different fused glass easy projects on this page and then pick one to try.

Be sure to use firing log to take notes of the firing schedule, and what is happening to your glass.

Taking notes will help you in all your Glass Art for Beginners projects.

If you do run into some problems, be sure to check out the glass fusing problems page for some insight on what might have happened and what you can do to fix it, or improve on your next project.

Stay up-to-date with what's going in Glass Fusing.

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