Millefiori Geckos

Geckos are cute little animals belonging to the Gekkonidae family. They have large heads, chubby bellies and almost tear drop shaped toes. These toe pads help them climb vertical and smooth surfaces.

Did you know that there are over 2,000 different species worldwide? They are exceptional in the fact that they make chirping sounds with each other in their social interactions.

One of my granddaughters, Bleu has recently become infatuated with lizards. She has 3 different ones currently in her bedroom. Since these are her current craze, I have decided to make her one for her bedroom wall. These creatures love the warm climate, so Arizona will be a perfect place for him to reside.

I have just received the newest Millefiori from Delphi Glass - Art Glass Tools & Supplies. This particular set is called the “Spring Mix Millefiori Assortment”. I will be using these to add accents to the piece.

geckos, gekkonidae, lizards, millefiori


  • Body Glass
  • Millefiori pieces
  • Eye glass
  • Glass cleaner of choice
  • Glass saw
  • Fiber Paper
  • Kiln
  • Kiln shelf
  • Kiln wash

  • Directions:

    1. Reproduce the shape on card stock.

    2. Using a set of cutters, cut out the shape.

    3. Position the sections on the right glass tint.

    4. Mark about the model with a permanent marker.

    5. Liberally shield the traced design with bees wax or chap stick.

    6. Position the sketched glass on a glass saw and cut out the shape. Cut along the tracing so that the image is precise.

    7. Position the newly cut parts in a container of uncontaminated water while cutting other pieces of glass. This feat will make for an easier cleaning of the glass.

    8. Scrub every piece with detergent, a scratch pad and some water.

    9. Dry the glass pieces using a lint free wipe.

    10. Embellish as preferred using the Millefiori glass.

    11. Whilst holding each of the pieces by the side, pose the design on a prepared kiln shelf.

    12. Pose the kiln shelf inside the kiln.

    13. Close up the lid or door and activate the kiln.

    14. Dressed in glasses with UV and IR protection, observe the glass at in the region of 1325 degrees Fahrenheit.

    15. When the glass has your desired look, take the glass downward to the proper anneal temperature and hold.

    16. Shut down the oven.

    17. Permit the item to cool off on its own.

    18. Once the temperature goes down under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the kiln can be opened.

    geckos, gekkonidae, lizards, millefiori

    Geckos Pattern

    geckos, gekkonidae, lizards, millefiori

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