Fusible Glass Confetti

Fusible glass confetti is fragile thin shards or flakes of glass.

These delicate paper thin flakes can be purchased in a variety of colors, or can be made from compatible glass.

It is used for layering, shading, and dimension to your warm glass pieces.

These pieces can be used as random forms or can be fused over other glass.

When fused over other glass they can be used for shading a piece or blending colors.

It can also be added to the back sides of your glass to add a splash of color or shading.

Since these pieces are thin, there is not the usual mass of even a thin piece of glass.

Layering the confetti brings on a variety of unique possibilities and tints.

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When purchased, these pieces are not tested for compatibility in the same manner as the sheets or frits.

They are designed to be used in very thin sections.

If heavily layering fusible glass confetti, be cautious and test the pieces for compatibility.

Making Confetti

Confetti made inside the kiln is usually not as intense as the commercially purchased shards.

Since this process is done with tested compatible glass, you are guaranteed compatibility.

This means that the confetti can be layered heavily without problems.

Confetti is usually made using glassblowing techniques.

This is done by blowing glass through a pipe. This produces large bubbles.

The bubbles are smashed into paper thin shards and used as confetti.

Fusible glass confetti can also be made inside the kiln.

In order to make confetti inside the kiln, it is necessary to slump the glass.

The idea is to stretch the material and make it thin.

In order to achieve the necessary stretching, the glass will need to be suspended high inside the kiln.

When heated the material should stretch until it reaches the floor.

Once cooled, the glass can be broken into shards and then used as confetti.

One way to achieve this process is by using a drop ring.

A round drop ring will produce highly curved sides which might not be desirable for any future usage of the chards.

To lessen the curved sides try using a square drop ring.

Another method would be to stretch heat-resistant wires across a metal frame. Lay the glass across the wires and heat.

Again, be sure that the glass has ample room to stretch to obtain thin enough glass for shards.

This method will produce nearly flat confetti that can be used in other fusing projects.

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