Fused Heart Shape

If you want to a fused heart shape piece of jewelry, it is really quite simple using just a couple of geometric shapes.

Taking some insight from my mother and daughter who love to bake cakes, here is a simple way to make a heart shape.

Purchased molds can also help obtain a simple heart shaped piece of jewelry, but you don’t need an expensive mold.

Hearts also don’t have to be uniform in shape.

Use your imagination and make an oblong shaped fused glass heart, or hearts that have unique one-of-a-kind shapes.

Free-hand cut a heart or use the pattern below to have a more uniformed shape.

Fused glass heart

The basic fused glass heart design is made by using to shapes, a circle and a square.

By putting these two shapes together, you can make a simple basic heart.

Make a pattern by either freehand drawing one, or copy the shapes from found objects.

When picking the shapes try to make the diameter of the circle the same size as the sides of your square.

Design a pattern and cut your glass.

You can make these any size you desire.

Once you have cut your circle out of your glass, cut it in half.

Turn your square sideways and place each of the half circles on the edge of the square.

Look at the picture to get a better understanding of how this is accomplished.


You have a heart shape.

You will need to be sure that some of your glass is either overlapping, or add more glass so that it overlaps the different pieces.

These can be brought to a tack fuse or full fuse depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

They can also be decorated with pieces of frit or stringers.

You could also accomplish a fused heart shape by cutting diamond shaped pieces of glass and making a notch in the top with either your tile saw or grinder .

Try making these out of different types of glass.

For pendant size try cutting your pieces about an inch or two wide.

Attach a jewelry bail or drill a hole for attaching to a necklace.

These glass fusion hearts can be a lot of fun to make.

They can be made in different sizes and shapes, depending on what look you are trying to achieve.

Who would have thought an old cake making pattern could be used for glass fusing?

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