Fused Glass Supplies

Fused glass supplies can run you a small fortune to purchase.

However there are places on line where you can purchase supplies if needed.

Check out the Art Glass Supplies page to find listings and information about Delphi Glass and a few other merchants.

These merchants sell products at reasonable prices, have fantastic customer services and makes your shopping online easy and affordable.

However if you are looking to save some money and want to be creative then how about making supplies or using other household items for you glass fusing.

Feeling adventurous and wanting to make your own supplies?

Then you might want to check out the Making Glass Fusing Supplies page or the Homemade Tools page.

Although you will still need to purchase most of your supplies, it is always great to save some money and be creative and adventurous.

Making Glass Fusing Supplies

On the Making Glass Fusing Supplies page, you can venture outside the box and create your own glass fusing supplies.

Some of these supplies are simple and others require a little trial and error to find just the right consistency for your particular needs.

Here is the list of items you can find on this page:

fused glass supplies, art glass supplies, homemade tools, making glass fusing supplies

  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Bead Release
  • Devit Spray
  • Frit
  • Frit Blends
  • Fusible Paper
  • Glass Clay
  • Kiln Wash
  • Liquid Glass Stringerr
  • Making Molds
  • Homemade Tools

    On the Homemade Tools page you will discover other common things that can be used for glass fusing.

    Creative glass fusing enthusiasts can find uses for just about every item you might normally use for other purposes, or toss away after their initial usage is finished.

    This page will list some of these creative ideas and how they can be used to assist you in glass fusing.

    As more tips are found or submitted, they will be added to this page.

    If you have any ideas you would like to see added to the list, please contact us using the contact page.

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