Intermediate Fused Glass Projects

" Intermediate Fused Glass Projects, there's no better way."

This is an intermediate page of fused glass projects. The other page was getting so full, that I needed to start another page. I have tried to break these pages up into beginner, intermediate and more advanced projects.

This page will be projects that are a little more difficult than the beginner page, but not as complex as the advanced project page. Here you will find more glass fusing projects that can be done in your kiln.

fused glass projects, glass fusing projects

Be sure you take lots of notes. This beneficial booklet will help you organize all those observations in one place. Either click on the picture or link to find out more about purchasing this journal.

This booklet is filled with blank pages for taking notes of all your fused glass projects, but if you are looking for a firing log to keep track of your schedules, be sure to check out the firing log page.

Broken Glass Art

Start saving those old bottles and windows. Put them in a couple of plastic bags and smash them with a hammer. Learn how you can use them to make one-of-a-kind broken glass art. Don't mix bottles in your fusing projects. Remember that the COE of this glass is unknown.

Casting Glass

glass casting, casting glass, frit casting, hot castingThere are various ways to accomplish casting glass. Some are very simple, while others are quite complex. This particular page discusses some of the techniques with links that will describe more about the various processes.

Cold Combing

fused glass projects, glass fusing projectsLearn the simple and easy technique of cold combing. Add this process to your fused glass projects to produce an original designs and some unique accents.

Copper Mesh Method

copper mesh, wireform, Amaco All you need to accomplish this outstanding copper mesh method is some copper wire mesh and glass. Be sure to encase the mesh with glass so that tiny bubbles appear after firing. and see what method gives you the look you desire.

Crackle Technique

There are various simple ways to achieve the appearance of cracked glass. Read more about how to make your glass look like it is cracked into pieces. Try the different crackle techniquesand see what method gives you the look you desire.

Etching Glass

How to etch glass, glass etching, etching on glassAll glass can be etched using a diamond drill bit, but during the fusing project the glass smooths out and etching disappears. To achieve a design that can be viewed after the fusing project, dichroic glass needs to be used for this glass etching method.

Fused Frame

Another simple project would be making a fused frame. These are very basic and simple to make. Don't make just traditional square or rectangular shapes. Just be sure that you overlap your pieces of glass so that they can fuse together. Use your imagination and create one-of-a-kind picture frames.

Fused Glass Heart

These sweet hearts can be made for pendants or as adornments for other glass projects. They do not require a mold, just some cutting skills. They can be made out of different types of glass, and can be used to as pendants. Get out your cutter and make a few fused glass hearts.

Fused Glass Lace

Elegant and dainty, these fused glass lace pieces make a striking addition to fused piece. These can be added to drop rings, slumped projects, cut up and used in jewelry, etc. Try mixing different colors to get some unique fused glass lace.

Fusing Photo Paper

Turn family pictures into wearable pieces of art using fusing photo paper. These can be made from photos or rubber stamps. This method does require a special printer and the photo paper to achieve. Preserve your family history in glass!

Fused Wind Chimes

Produce these melody makers out of old recyclable bottles, or use fusible glass and design unique pieces of art. Wind chimes are soothing and visually appealing. Learn how to make these one-of-a-kind fused glass wind chimes.

Glass Clay

There are many different ways you can make glass clay. Purchase ready-made material that you simply add some water to, mix your own binding material, or purchase ready-made binder and add powdered glass.

Marble Making Glass Art

How marble making glass art can be made in the kiln. Using marbles to make fused glass artwork. Marbles come in an array of colors and can be used to enhance your fusing experience. You can make marbles using a torch or in the kiln, but this page explains some of the ways your can use these marble glass pieces.

Prima Donna

prima donna, divas, vintage ladies, free patterns A Prima Donna pattern with so many various options. It is being placed on the intermediate fused glass projects page because it does require experience with a glass saw. You can pick and chose the hat and head shape to fit your particular needs. Make these for all your Prima Donna friends. They will love them!

Puffy Glass

puffy glass, opaque glass, translucent glass, fiber paper, opaque glassUse some fiber board to create this Puffy Glass look in your fused glass artwork. It is a very simple straight-forward way to achieve a unique appearance. Use the pattern provided on this page, or create your own individual design. It can be accomplished in one or two firings.

Rubber Stamping on Glass

rubber stamping on glassRubber stamping on glass takes patience and a steady hand. Because of the smoothness of glass, this procedure can be a little tricky. Get out your rubber stamps and try rubber stamping on glass.

Scottie Dog

scottie dog, scotty dog, glass dog

A Scottie Dog design that is sure to please all your dog loving friends. This pattern is placed on the intermediate page because the tiny details on this pattern can't be achieved using a grinder or standard glass cutter. You will need to use a glass saw to achieve all the fine curves and points.

Slumping Bottles

Slumping bottles is not only simple to accomplish, but you can slump any bottle in the kiln. Be sure to read the directions and make notes of your progress. These make wonderful cheese and knife trays, or hang them with a wire and make wind chimes out of different bottles. There are molds you can purchase to slump your bottles into, but they are not necessary to slump bottles.

Stringer Bowl

stringer bowl, glass stringers, glass slumping molds, stringersGlass stringers are lined up on a shelf to achieve this Stringer Bowl appearance. It takes a little time and patience to accomplish this technique. It is not a difficult process, but it does take a few steps.

As more pages are done, they will be added to this Intermediate page of fused glass projects. If you have any questions about the fused glass projects presented here, please use the contact page.

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