Fused Glass Pocket Vases

Fused glass pocket vases can make conversational pieces of fused glass wall art. They can be any shape and size desired. Square, oblong, half circle, the outcome is only limited by your imagination.

Fill them your favorite flowers and hang one on the wall, or place one in a holder and set it on a table or desk. These can also be made to be free standing decorations.

I have seen these sold in stores for quite a hefty price. Make them for craft fairs or find a local store that will take some on consignment and earn a few dollars while being creative and having fun in the process.

Glass fused art


  • Fusible glass
  • Accessory glasses
  • Fiber Paper covered Fiber board
  • Glass cutter
  • Glass breaking pliers
  • Kiln safety glasses
  • Grinding machine
  • Glass cleaner
  • Kiln
  • Prepared kiln shelf
  • High temperature wire

  • 1. Decide your design and pattern. Determine the size and shape of your outside pattern. You will need a top and bottom of your base color.

    2. Cut the glass using a glass cutter and breaking pliers. Add any decorating pieces. You may need to use a grinder to smooth any edges.

    3. Clean glass with soap and water or glass cleaner.

    4. Holding the pieces by the edge, place your bottom piece on the kiln shelf.

    fused glass wall art

    5. Using the fiber paper covered fiber board, place this on top of the bottom piece of glass. Make sure you have this piece centered and more to the top, so that it can be easily removed. If just using fiber paper, you may need to make several layers to achieve a large enough opening. Fiber paper will be easy to remove when the process is finished. If using fiber board, you will want to line the sides with fiber paper so that it will be easier to remove.

    6. Place the top piece on the fiber paper or board. Add any decoration items. Check that everything is centered and looks correct.

    7. If you are going to hang your pocket vase, cut the high temperature wire. You will want to be sure you are placing this so that as the glass melts, it will be encased in the vase.

    8. Turn on the kiln. Because the fiber paper or board inside the two pieces of glass prevents it from firing evenly, you will need to ramp up your piece slowly. The most common problems come from quickly heating up the piece and poor annealing. Try heating up the piece at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit per hour to around 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Soak the piece at this temperature for about 10 to 15 minutes. This soaking will allow the heat to evenly disperse in the glass. Continue heating until you have reached a slumping temperature, around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Wear your safety glasses when observing the piece inside the kiln. Once your piece has your desired appearance, it is time to anneal.

    9. Slowly start cooling off the piece. Hold the kiln temperature at about 950 degrees Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes. Slowly bring the temperature down to around 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This process should take about two hours.

    10. Turn off the kiln and unplug. Allow the kiln to cool naturally until it reaches room temperature.

    11. Remove the cooled piece from kiln. Don’t remove the fiber paper or board until the glass is cool to the touch. Remove the fiber paper. Wash the piece with soap and water.

    Glass fused art

    Fused glass pocket vases can be made for different holidays or occasions. These glass fused art pieces can be any shape and size. They don't need to be limited to square or oblong shaped forms. Fused glass pocket vases make unique fused glass wall art.

    Try making these fused glass pocket vases out of glass jars. When using a jar, the only decorations that you can add to these pieces would be paints or enamels, because of the unknown COE of the glass. When finished, they can be drilled for a hanging wire to be inserted. The natural rings around the top add texture to the design.

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